Kingdom: Legendary War: K Pop groups to recreate each other's songs; show ranked 1st in CPI

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Kingdom: Legendary War: K Pop groups to recreate each other's songs; show ranked 1st in CPI

Kingdom: Legendary War is fast gaining legendary status amongst netizens as the competition is heating up in the show. The 6 competing groups - SF9, ATEEZ, STRAY KIDS, The Boyz, BTOB and iKON are working hard to do the best for their fans. After every performance members mull over their poor scores or celebrate their highs. At this point, the tide can turn either way, and we are here for it.

In the upcoming episode, competing groups will be 'reborn' as new artists, meaning they will pick any one song from the opposite group's discography. and re-interpret them in their own style. The pairings are iKON and ATEEZ, Stray kids and BTOB and The Boyz and SF9. In the preview clip, we see Stray Kids’ will cover BTOB’s I’ll Be Your Man, ATEEZ’s will cover iKON’s Rhythm Ta, and BTOB’s will cover Stray Kids’ Back Door. SF9 covers The Boyz' song The Stealer, they attempt a not so novel film-noir concept, perhaps because a few members from the group are professional actors. SF9 tried but missed the mark by a couple of inches.

iKON covered ATEEZ's song Inception. The combination is an interesting one as the two groups sound a bit different sonically. iKON have a lot of love and respect for their hoobaes which is so nice to see in the competitive space of K-pop. Their performance of Inception centres around dreams and surreal imagery. iKON took the brief seriously and re-interpreted ATEEZ's Inception in their own unique way. The set they created for their recreation stage was a character in itself.

The Boyz covered O Sole Mio (The Red Wedding) and paid a tribute to SF9 by replicating their legendary rotating dance. It is a good decision, it not only provides The Boyz with an edge in terms of performance, but it is also one of SF9's best songs. It was certainly a powerful and interesting stage with some amazing vocals on the display. Based on the rankings Stray Kids are ranking high on all metrics, while it is heartbreaking to see previous season's winners' The Boyz struggling to climb up the rankings.

You can watch the performance videos below:

The correspondent pairings watch in awe as the other group covers their song. Which group will rank at the 6th spot and which group will rank numero uno? Tune in to the next episode of Kingdom: Legendary War which will air on April 29 at 7:50 pm KST.

Meanwhile, Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War ranked first in the content influence index two times in a row, beating Song Joong Ki's Vincenzo. For those uninitiated, the Content Influence Index (CPI) is a content measurement model based on consumer behaviour, which is an index that utilizes consumers' online responses to broadcast programs.

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When does Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War air?
Thursday 7:50 pm KST on Mnet and online streaming site Viki