KINGDOM members look devilishly handsome in the ‘History of Kingdom: Part Ⅲ. IVAN’ concept photos

Published on Oct 10, 2021 03:07 PM IST  |  58.5K
KINGDOM Concept Photos
KINGDOM Concept Photos; Picture Courtesy: GF Entertainment

On October 9th, GF Entertainment dropped three individual concept photos, Chiwoo, Arthur and Dann, in the ‘Chaos’ version and they definitely created chaos in the hearts of the fans with their mature looks! The devilishly handsome members owned the ‘vengeful kings’ extremely well as they are seen adorned in the black gems encrusted crown, unique black accessories as well as eye makeup. Their intense gaze was enough to make us swoon!


KINGDOM marked the beginning of 'Dark Fantasy', with a concept trailer which showed a dark and intense feeling that had never been seen before. The video, which started with the aurora in the mysterious night sky, reached its climax with the appearance of the main character, Ivan, and aroused curiosity about the comeback album. The appearance of 'Snow Kingdom', where light and darkness coexist, which is the background of this album, also caught the eye.


KINGDOM debuted on February 18, 2021 with their debut mini album ‘History of KINGDOM: Part I. Arthur' and the title track ‘Excalibur’. Safe to say, they have one of the most unique and interesting group concepts- each member represents a king in history. Dan (King Dan of Denmark), Arthur (King Arthur Pendragon), Mujin (First Emperor of Japan, Emperor Jinmu), Louis (King Louis XIV), Ivan (King Ivan IV), Jahan (Shah Jahan) and Chiwoo (King Chiyou of China)- these are the stage names of all the members. 


The Medieval concept is very rarely used as a MV concept, let alone as a group concept, therefore KINGDOM will have a lot of eyes on them and with the way they have planned their themes and storyline- we are sure that they’ll impress those eyes!

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