Komparison: Take a look at Han Ji Min’s character in ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ and ‘One Spring Night’

As we celebrate Han Ji Min’s birthday, let’s compare her two best characters in Nam Joo Hyuk starrer ‘Light In Your Eyes’ and Jung Hae In starrer ‘One Spring Night’.

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Light In Your Eyes, One Spring Night Poster; Picture Courtesy: JTBC, MBC
Light In Your Eyes, One Spring Night Poster

Light In Your Eyes

To prevent her father from dying in a car accident, Kim Hye Ja (Han Ji Min) manipulates time with a special watch she found at a beach as a child. However, manipulating time comes with a heavy price- Hye Ja will age each time she turns back time. Meanwhile, a young man named Lee Joon Ha who has a beautiful friendship with Hye Ja, is exhausted from his family problems and has given up on all his dreams. He now works as a scammer at an elderly care center unaware that Hye Ja has become an old lady and goes there to pass time after turning old for manipulating time. The two cross each other’s paths again, but this time both have changed. 

Han Ji Min as Kim Hye Ja: 

Not only did 25-year-old Kim Hye Ja (Han Ji Min) delicately show the changes in her heart that one day goes through as she becomes an old woman in her 70s, but also, around the end of the drama, Kim Hye Ja in her 20s revealed the reason for her sudden aging, giving her a touching twist. In the drama, Hye Ja is an old woman suffering from Alzheimer's, and Hye Ja's appearance in her 20s at the beginning of the drama was a fantasy she created. 

The drama also gives us a deep resonance while calmly showing Hye Ja's life full of ups and downs in the process. Hye Ja, who left her husband first in her youth and raised her son alone, raised her son more fiercely than anyone else in her youth, but Hye Ja's narration about all those days, "There was not a single day that didn't shine," Hye Ja's narration still tells us. It gives a deep impression. 

The drama: 

The splendid acting and breathing of the supporting actors who are not pushed by Kim Hye Ja, the main character of the drama, are also attracting attention from viewers. Son Ho Jun and Kim Young Soo are full of bluffs. He's a good talker, and he's nothing but a creator. At some point, the trend is one-person content, sitting at the computer in every corner of the room for a hundred days, mukbang, cook room, game room, sports broadcast, etc. Whether it is a short-distance customer who only pays the basic fare or a long-distance customer with a premium for long distances, she serves with all her heart. She thought that if she lived quietly and faithfully, even if it was not a reward, it would not deviate much from her expectations.

One Spring Night

Lee Jeong In (Han Ji Min) is a librarian who has been in a relationship with a banker, Kwon Gi Seok (Kim Jun Han) for 4 years. While Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) is a pharmacist, and a single dad. He graduated a year later than Kwon Gi Seok from the same university. Little do they realize after meeting each other, Ji Ho and Jeong-in will begin to see love and relationships in a whole new light. Jeong In meets Ji Ho at the Woori Pharmacy when she goes to buy remedies for her hangover. She tells him she is in a rush, but she realizes she forgot her wallet because she left it at her friend's place from the previous night. He gives her the remedies and tells her she can pay him back later, and he also gives her money for a taxi to go home.

Ji Ho immediately becomes interested in Jeong In after their first meeting, and does not respond to her texts intentionally so she has to pay him back in person instead of paying him back EFT. When she finally revisits the pharmacy, he implies his interest in her to which she responds she can only be friends with him. She tells Ji Ho she is in a relationship. Ji Ho hesitantly admits he is a single parent with a son from a previous relationship. (Single parenthood in South Korea is still frowned upon even though some attitudes about the subject are changing to be more positive.) As a young single parent, Ji Ho has to face this social stigma from almost everyone throughout the episodes. Strangers, Jeong In's parents, and his friends look down on him due to his parental state. She is the only person who doesn't seem to mind.

About the drama: 

Quite typical and fictional, this drama has one twist. It's about having a bit of realism. ‘One Spring Night’ is a drama that tries to portray 'everyday life' above all else. For this reason, various drama techniques are used in ‘One Spring Night’ to create a realistic feel. Scenes that are not closely related to the development of the drama, such as the scene where the restaurant owner throws out garbage, are often intentionally inserted in the middle of the play. Also, even considering the genre characteristics of dramas, the use of colloquial expressions stands out compared to other works. ‘One Spring Night’ borrows the sentence structure, some inscriptions, and spoken expressions used in real conversations as they are and melts them into the lines of the drama. These choices add realism to the work.


Han Ji Min in ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ is a more quiet and reserved person who cares about her family and does everything to protect them. She is pure at heart but stubborn by nature. She finds it difficult to accept fate as it is and tries her best to change it every step of the way. 

While Han Ji Min in ‘One Spring Night’ is ready to fight for her love. In the beginning, she was unsure and didn’t want to break out of something that was monotonous but in the end, fell for Jung Hae In’s innocent character and went against all odds for him. 

Han Ji Min has expressed the emotions of a lover, a mother, a woman and so much more. We hope to see her in more dramas.

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