BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, TWICE and more to perform in the upcoming concert

Updated on Jan 03, 2022 01:39 PM IST  |  1.1M
Stills from the announcement video
Stills from the announcement video; Picture Courtesy: Korea Dispatch

Korea Dispatch has gained recognition over the years for releasing a report of one dating rumour on January 1 since 2013 starting with Rain and Kim Tae Hee to the latest one in 2021 of ‘Crash Landing on You’ co stars Hyun Bin and Song Ye Jin. 

The fans were highly anticipating the new dating rumour but on January 1, they only sent in a link for their YouTube channel which had a short video announcing their new concert in celebration of completing 10 years in the industry and with the revelation of the lineup, people were shocked to see the complete 180 degree turn the company took. 

With the concept of ‘secrets’ and ‘Decode’, it showed BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, NU’EST, Stray Kids, TWICE, NCT DREAM, NCT 127 and TOMORROW X TOGETHER as the main lineup. The netizens had a lot to say regarding the concert on Twitter. 

One user said, “Dispatch threatening idols with their tea so they have a list lineup for DFESTA.” Another user said, “Why do you think Dispatch had exclusive access to BTS during their US events? All those photobooks? It's always been a hostage situation.” One said, “DFESTA is a hostage concert. Imagine making some of the top groups (who’ve been away from big shows and festivals recently) perform for their concert. Dispatch surely got the biggest teas for these idols and they're using them to blackmail the groups. Lmao”

While one user tries to cut the rumours with their own theory, “People keep saying hostage if Dispatch wants to spill the tea, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stopping them from doing it, not even the concert. The real fear should be for those not included in the lineup cause HYBE and JYP have the money and connections to take Dispatch down”.

With the all the rumours around DFESTA, they are getting the recognition they want, whether it is through speculations or excited fans chatter but either way, with an impressive lineup as this one, they will be having a huge audience tuning in! 

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3 days ago
Actually if anything about BTS dating was revealed we ARMY would be really happy for our boys. Only some toxic ARMYS would send them hate but majority of the fandom would be really happy for them