Korean celebs who admitted to being cheated on by their partners, Ft BTS' RM & J-Hope

Yes, these lovely and talented idols have admitted to being cheated on by their respective partners. Read on to find out.
RM and J-Hope are the 94 liners of BTS Korean celebs who admitted to being cheated on by their partners, Ft BTS' RM & J-Hope
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They may be famous idols and celebrities in the eyes of their fans, but they are regular human beings after all. They face heartbreaks and rejections like regular people do, while Korean celebrities, in general, are very guarded about their personal lives, but there have been vulnerable moments when they have let their celebrity guard down and shared their heartbreak with fans on a public forum. Here are 4 celebrities who admitted to being cheated on by their partners. 

1. BTS' RM

BTS RM admitted on the variety show Problematic Men that in high school he dated his fellow classmate. Namjoon admitted to feeling insecure about her growing fondness with other boys and is almost certain that she cheated on him too. The pair broke up in school itself and Namjoon went on to debut with BTS, becoming the group's front-man.

2. BTS’ J-Hope

J-Hope admitted that he had a girlfriend back in high school, but she broke up with him because she left him for another man. She sure must be regretting that now!

3. Henry Lau

Henry’s only girlfriend was someone he dated for 7 years in Canada. It all came to a tragic end when she cheated on him with his best friend. That is heartbreaking to know.

4. BTOB’s Minhyuk

Minhyuk had a one-sided crush on someone one year younger than him while he was in middle school. He kept his love hidden in his heart for four years, until she accepted his confession. Sadly, Minhyuk wasn't sure if his partner was faithful to him and broke up.

5. Ailee

On an episode of Radio Star, Ailee confessed how she caught her boyfriend red-handed, cheating on her. She shared that she was too heartbroken and broke up with her cheating boyfriend. 

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