On Korean Children's Day, take a look at your favourite Korean celebrities when they were little kids!

Published on May 05, 2021 04:28 PM IST  |  552.4K
Park Seo Joon celebrates Children's Day by uploading a childhood photo.

Children’s Day is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world. We Indians celebrate it on November 14, which is a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as it’s his birthday on the same day. He loved children and always fought for their betterment. Whereas in South Korea, Children’s Day is celebrated on May 5, and is an official holiday to give parents time off of their busy work schedules to spend some lovely time with their kids!


As fans, we like to know as much information as we can about the celebrities’ lives, in order to feel closer to them. And one such information is about how they looked or behaved as kids! Were they always polite? Is the reason that they are a prankster now because of their love for pranks as a kid? The all-grown men and women we see now, make us want to know just how adorable they would’ve been when they were kids. 


So today, we’re doing the hard work of listing some of the Korean celebrities who are celebrating today by posting their super cute baby photos!


Park Seo Joon




Everyone’s heartthrob Park Seo Joon was already stealing hearts with his gorgeous smile even when he was little! Look at that bright, big smile on little Park Seo Joon’s face! 


Soobin from TXT




Looks like Soobin has been a charmer since he was born! One look at the photo and we’re sure we wouldn’t even need that sub-category. Many people would already know that the kid in the photo is Soobin! Doesn’t he look the same now too?


Kim Seon Ho




We haven’t seen Kim Seon Ho laugh so wide in Start Up as we’ve seen the little Seon Ho do it here! If you’ve been bitter about the show’s ending and think Han Ji Pyeong deserved better, we’re with you!


Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation





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Member of a prominent girl group, Taeyeon definitely knew how to have fun and her worth when she was little too. Seen horse riding with an exciting smile in the first image and looking full of confidence in the second, Taeyeon’s confidence is just what we need to get through troubling times!


Kang Han Na




The actress has achieved her dream of being in the spotlight! The photo shows a little Kang Han Na posing in what looks like a dance move, with an awkward expression and makeup on her face. Talk about being cute!


Song Joong Ki



Can anything be cuter than little Song Joong Ki winning medals and certificates? Who knew the small kid would grow up to bag daesangs and other major awards at the top acting award shows?

Ahn Bo Hyun

The popular actor Ahn Bo Hyun might be portraying darker characters such as the bad guy in Itaewon Class, but in reality, he's as sweet as a peach and as innocent as anyone else! Proof? This super cute baby image!


Stray Kids





A post shared by Stray Kids (@realstraykids)

Yeonjun from TXT




He's the guy who knows he has the power to charm anyone! Not just as a young adult, but also as a chubby baby! Just look at the confidence and swag baby Yeonjun has in the first picture!


San from ATEEZ




Looking all cheery in one and I-know-I-look-good in another photo, baby San is exactly like the adult San - the Prince of Duality! It's now proven that he was born with that talent and good looking charms (not that we had a doubt!).


As powerful on stage, intense in music videos, they're as cute in real life and even when they were babies! take this photo for example!


Who are your favourite celebs among them? Let us know in the comments below!


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