Korean Defense Committee passes bill to potentially allow top male idols like BTS postpone military enlistment

The Korean National Assembly Defense Committee has reportedly passed a bill which could potentially allow exceptional pop culture artists like BTS to defer their military duties until the age of 30.
As the eldest, Jin will be the first BTS member to enlist to the militaryKorean Defense Committee passes bill to potentially allow top male idols like BTS postpone military enlistment
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During BTS' press conference for their album BE, Jin was asked yet again about his impending military enlistment as he turns 28 next month. In response, BTS' eldest member shared, "As I’ve always said, as soon as there’s a call from the military, I will enlist. The members have all talked about this, and we all intend to do the same," via Koreaboo.

Bangtan leader RM further noted that because BTS receives lots of love, maybe that's why there is also noise. Now, according to Newsen via Koreaboo, the Korean National Assembly Defense Committee has passed a bill during a November 20 meeting which could potentially allow top male idols like BTS to postpone their military enlistment. While this doesn't set the rule in stone, it's one step closer to becoming a law as the bill now only needs to pass the Korean parliament's plenary session.

It was back in September when BTS made history by becoming the first South Korean act to top the Billboard Hot 100 with their single Dynamite, which potentially had major implications on the future of Korean military service. Democratic Party representative Jeon Yong-gi then drafted a revision to the Military Service Act proposing to grant exceptional artists in pop culture (who helped elevate South Korea's reputation around the world) the right to defer their military duties until the age of 30.

Giving their seal of approval to the revision proposal was Seo Wook, Minister of National Defense as well as the Military Manpower Administration. There were concerns raised too that the amendment could be considered unfair, especially with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism would getting the final say on who is deemed 'exceptional'. Military service exceptions, until now, have only been granted to exceptional athletes and classical musicians.

"The BTS members will be able to defer their enlistments until the age of 30 if this bill is approved through a plenary session and a related enforcement decree is also revised," a Korean lawmaker stated.

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Anonymous 2 days ago

if my boys won the grammy please exempt them from military enlistment..that's the highest achievement ever so there should be no 'unfairness' here..bts achievement so far exceedes any Koreans' so please be more considerate

Anonymous 2 days ago

I'm not sure what to?say I'm not a Korean nor do I live. There, I'd love to live there. The other thing is I'm not a male. But if I was BTS I'm not afraid to serve my country. I am however ARMY'S for BTS. I'll stand by no matter what they do...annyo