KPop idols who debuted before they hit 17 and took the world by storm ft. IU, BTS’s Jungkook & more

It’s no secret that idols start training from a young age. But to debut at a young age in such a competitive industry, takes a different kind of courage. Check out the youngest idols to debut here.
KPop idols who debuted before they hit 17 and took the world by storm ft. IU, BTS’s Jungkook & more
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While South Korea is notoriously known for its toxic and extremely competitive education system, there are some children who fight the wave and try to become K-Pop idols. Being an idol is no easy task. Years and years of training, dieting, no-dating contract, prioritising work above anything else, sasaeng fans, the mental torture - all of it is a lot to take in. But when your passion is everything you have, you take the bull by the horns and charge forward. 


So was the case with these idols. Not knowing what the future would hold, some of the biggest internationally-renowned stars we now know of, actually started out as young as a middle schooler. Children their age were learning how to drive, preparing for their CSATs, while our idols were breaking sweat in the hours of practice at a studio. And safe to say, the hard work did pay off! Let’s take a look at the youngest idols to debut, who carved their name in the history of K-Pop. 


BTS’ Golden maknae, Jungkook



How can one not start with the history-making, iconic K-Pop band, BTS’ youngest member, Jeon Jungkook? The group and their members need no introduction. But we’ll still talk about the maknae, in case you don’t know. Called the ‘Golden Maknae’, there isn’t one thing Jeon Jungkook isn’t talented in. He can paint, dance, sing, rap, produce, play sports, win games, doodle and so much more. And to think he debuted when he was only 15! When Jungkook said that his hyungs practically raised him, he was right! 


Nation’s Sweetheart, IU



Another all-rounder, IU also entered the world of South Korean entertainment at the age of 15. She’s now one of the most recognized K-Pop soloists in the world. Her fans and her music has travelled across the globe. Incredibly soft vocals, a stunning face - IU’s music never fails to hit you with the right feels. Her latest album, ‘Lilac’ even achieved an all-kill on the iChart! The idol celebrated her 12 years in the music industry last year!


SHINee’s Taemin 



Taemin debuted at the mere age of 14! He was chosen as a member of the very popular group, SHINee in 2008 and has since then been a member by winning our hearts with absolutely incredible vocals and dance skills! Not just that, he even became a part of SuperM - SM Entertainment's idol Avengers in a sense - that brought together the greatest idols from each group. From just a boy to now one of the biggest idols in the industry, Taemin has come a long way! 


NCT Dream’s Jisung



Born in 2002, Jisung made his entry into the entertainment industry with NCT Dream's first digital single, 'Chewing Gum' in 2016. Even he debuted at the mere age of 14! He is the main dancer of the group and even the maknae (no doubt!). NCT Dream is now prepping up for an April comeback and we can't wait to see the members and Jisung work their charm on us yet again!





HyunA's unabashed honesty and being herself without any inhibitions, are one of the many things that attract K-Pop fans. She debuted as a member of the girl group Wonder Girls at the age of 14, then left the band to join JYP. She was then chosen as the main rapper for the group 4Minute (which went on to become highly popular at that time). In 2010, she started her solo career and is now, under P Nation (PSY's agency), living the same I-do-what-I-want life with her celebrity boyfriend, Pentagon's E'Dawn.


TWICE’s Tzyuyu



Even though Tzuyu started training at an early age, she officially debuted as the maknae of the girl group TWICE in 2015. She caught the judge's and audience's eyes through JYP's reality TV show, 'Sixteen' and was selected as a part of the group. She is lovingly called 'Yoda' by her fans as she can impersonate him perfectly! 


Talk about being THAT talented at that young an age. These idols know exactly what it feels like! But that's only now. Who knew at that time that they'd go on to conquer the world with their talent? 


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