Kris Wu, Zico, HyunA & more: 6 Korean idols that became more successful after leaving their groups

For several reasons, K-Pop idols sometimes have to leave their groups. For these idols, leaving their group led to much greater success.
Kris Wu, Zico, HyunA & more: 6 Korean idols that became more successful after leaving their groups
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A major appeal of K-Pop is the group system or the plenitude of boy groups, girl groups and even mixed groups. However, these groups might not be the ideal setting for all idols across the board. Due to inner conflicts, unfair contract terms, mistreatment from the company, biased payment systems and so on and so forth, many artists might not be able to express themselves properly in a group. As such, they have to leave their groups for the greater good of both the group and themselves.

However, leaving the group doesn’t automatically mean that the graph of their career will suffer a downfall. On the contrary, for these K-Pop idols, their careers soared higher than ever after leaving their groups. Whether they went solo, started a different career such as acting or joined other groups, one thing proved to be certain: talent can never be suppressed.

Here are 6 K-Pop idols who became more successful after leaving their groups:

Kris Wu, Tao, Lu Han

All the three former members of EXO now have immensely successful careers in acting and singing. They originally left the group citing unfair violation of contract terms, mistreatment and lack of payment. Tao also shared that he was being made to perform despite serious injuries which got worse, as a result.


HyunA was originally a part of Wonder Girls after which she left for personal and health-related reasons to be a part of 4MINUTE. However, her success reached new heights only after she embarked on her solo career.


ZICO was formerly a member of Block B. However, he left the group and started on his solo journey which brought him incredible success not just in South Korea but also worldwide.

Jessica Jung

Jessica’s departure from SNSD was highly controversial and she was subjected to much criticism for the same even when people didn’t even know the real reason behind it. However, she has truly found her true calling ever since.

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Zico didn’t leave Block B, he is just under a different agency