Kwak Dong Yeon and more join Lee Jong Suk and YoonA for upcoming crime thriller series ‘Big Mouse’

Published on Nov 04, 2021 11:51 AM IST  |  266.3K
Kwak Dong Yeon
Kwak Dong Yeon; Picture Courtesy: News1

The drama 'Big Mouse' is caught up in a murder case in which a living lawyer with a win rate of 10% accidentally takes charge, and one day he becomes a genius con artist 'Big Mouse' and survives. It is a story of digging into the naked face of the privileged class, which is stained with a huge conspiracy to stay and protect their family.

It is scheduled to air for the first time in 2022, two unique actors, Lee Jong Suk (Park Chang Ho) and YoonA (Go Mi Ho), it is a work that is receiving the spotlight of global fans. Kim Joo Hun (Choi Do Ha), Ok Ja Yeon (Hyun Joo Hee), Yang Kyung Won (Gong Ji Hoon), and Kwak Dong Yeon (Jerry), who are solidifying their own filmography, joined together to create a more complete storyline and three-dimensional effect. 

Kim Joo Hun takes on the role of Choi Do Ha, the mayor of Gucheon, who has great ambitions in the drama. Choi Do Ha, a former star prosecutor, joined hands with the business world, the media, and politicians after tasting power, and was even recognized as an official member of the 'NR Forum', a secret private organization of the privileged class. Kim Joo Hun's solid acting skills, who will hold the heavy center and tension in the dramatic story, are expected to shine even more. Ok Ja Yeon is going to transform into a new image through the role of Hyun Joo-hee, the hospital director of Gucheon Hospital and Choi Do Ha's wife. As a character who boasts a perfect family, outstanding beauty, and skills, and even the actual leader of the 'NR Forum' wives' gathering, she foretells the cold charisma behind a gentle smile.

Gong Ji Hoon, played by Yang Kyung Won, is the president of the press conglomerate Kukdong Ilbo and the chairman of 'NR Forum'. Although he is the youngest son of the founder of the Kukdong Ilbo, he inherited the newspaper company by overtaking his older brothers with excellent brains and senses. Kwak Dong Yeon is aiming for a scene stealer once again with the role of the third criminal Jerry. He admired the genius con artist 'Big Mouse' so much that he named himself Jerry, the mouse of 'Tom and Jerry'. The unpredictable charm of Kwak Dong-yeon's unique color is already waiting for this. 'Big Mouse' is being filmed with the goal of airing in 2022.

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