Kwon Nara is flustered after seeing Kim Myung Soo shirtless in Episode 2 of Royal Secret Agent

In episode 2 of Royal Secret Agent, the newly formed investigation team sets out on their first mission.
Kwon Nara is flustered after seeing Kim Myung Soo shirtless in Episode 2 of Royal Secret Agent
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Royal Secret Agent is a story set towards the end of the Joseon era of where Sung Yi Gyum (played by Kim Myungsoo) has passed the state examination and now works for the administrative wing of the Government. With no inherent goals or ambitions, Sung Yi Gyum is caught gambling and as a punishment, is designated the role of a royal secret agent. His job is to eradicate corruption among public officials and within the Government itself. His partners in this job are a female inspector Hong Da In (played by Kwon Nara) and Park Chun Sam (played by Lee Yi Kyung).

In the second episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama Royal Secret Agent which aired on the 22nd and achieved a rating of 5.8%, the new and improved royal investigation division has opened up its services in a fully-fledged manner. While on the run from a group of assassins who had set out to catch Hong Da In, the trio decides to spend the night in an abandoned cottage. Late at night, Yi Gyum leaves the house to take a dip in the water and clean up. What follows was the most talked-about scene of the episode where Yi Gyum bares his chest revealing a perfectly sculpted torso. He goes into the water but is flustered when he sees Hong Da In there. Da In is equally embarrassed by the situation and the two decide to quickly get out of the water and dry off.

With no interruption, the two decide to get to know each other despite the initial bad blood. The chemistry between this pair is magnanimously off the charts and every scene that they’re in together is raising more and more interest as to how their romantic story will develop.

Later on their way to their first mission, Yi Gyum comes across Kang Jong Il, a dangerously sadistic man of power. A crisis engulfs Yi Gyum when after facing a wild boar, Jong Il insists that he engage in a more “elite” form of hunting – human hunting. Da In, on the other hand, sets out in the search of Sa Wol, who holds an important clue relevant to the case they are working on.

A strange commonality could also be traced between Yi Gyum and Da In and it will be interesting to see how they heal each other’s inner wounds.  At the end of the episode, Sa Wol is about to disclose a secret when she’s suddenly hit by an arrow. The episode once again ends on quite the cliffhanger as we’re yet to find out who’s trying to hide the deepest darkest secret and where the arrows came from.

Royal Secret Agent airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 PM KST. Don’t forget to tune in!

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