Lay Zhang surprises fans by participating in EXO’s First Snow Dance challenge

Lay put fans' worries about his status with EXO to rest by showcasing his support for them via a new TikTok challenge.

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Key Highlight
  • Lay’s recent social media update with EXO’s First Snow challenge
  • EXO’s First Snow peaks at No. 11 on Melon Daily Charts

XO initially debuted as a 12-member group in 2012. Over time, due to legal battles with SM Entertainment, former members Kris, Luhan, and Tao departed, reducing the group's size. More recently, Lay, the last Chinese member, also parted ways with SM Entertainment. Concerns arose among fans about Lay's status in EXO, but he appears to have addressed these worries by expressing his ongoing support for the group.

Lay participates in EXO’s First Snow dance challenge and fans' reactions

Lay's association with the group has been a source of confusion for netizens. In 2022, Lay formally parted ways with SM Entertainment but assured his availability whenever his fellow members required his support. However, due to changes on the SM Entertainment website, there was widespread confusion regarding Lay's current status as a member of the group. But a recent update appears to have put some concerns among fans to rest. 

As the weather transitions with the arrival of Christmas, EXO's First Snow has seen a surge, reaching a new peak at #11 on the Melon Daily Chart. Given the increased streaming activity, it's expected that a TikTok challenge has emerged, featuring a modified version of the song. Until now, none of the EXO members had taken part in the challenge. However, Lay broke the trend by sharing his rendition on his TikTok account. In the video, Lay revealed his location and participated in the dance challenge, adding a personal touch by incorporating the signature E-X-O hand spelling. Fans interpreted this as an assurance that things remain unchanged, leading to excitement as “E-X-O," "EXO Lay," and "First Snow" trended on X.


Furthermore, before leaving SM Entertainment Lay hasn't featured in a music video since Monster in 2016, he has been involved in album productions, such as the 2021 release Don't Fight The Feeling, where his presence was edited in. 

More about Lay Zhang

Zhang Yi Xing, professionally known as Lay Zhang, is a multi-talented Chinese artist, singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, director, dancer, and actor. Initially a member of EXO and the main dancer of EXO-M, Lay joined SM Entertainment in 2007 after winning third place in a local competition. He debuted with EXO in 2012 and later became the first EXO member to debut as a solo singer in 2016 with Lose Control. Lay founded Chromosome Entertainment Group in 2020 and, as of April 8, 2022, parted ways with SM Entertainment. Despite the change, EXO remains a 9-member group.

Lay's achievements include a successful solo tour, Grandline 2: Infinite Lands, and headlining the MetaMoon Music Festival in 2022. He released the EP 西 (Xi) in September 2022, winning Artist of the Year at the Weibo Music Awards in January 2023 and Producer of the Year in September 2023.

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