Lee Dong Wook's support for Gong Yoo aka Kkebi's You Quiz on the Block appearance will make Goblin fans happy

Lee Dong-wook sent over a coffee and snack truck to the sets of You Quiz on the Block to show support to his Goblin co-star Gong Yoo, who will make a guest appearance on the variety show to promote his upcoming movie, Seo Bok.
Lee Dong Wook's support for Gong Yoo aka Kkebi's You Quiz on the Block appearance will make Goblin fans happy
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Many diehard fans will agree that the best relationship in Goblin aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God was between Goblin and Grim Reaper and that's thanks to the fabulous on-screen and especially off-screen camaraderie of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook. Years after Goblin aired, the beloved co-stars remain very close friends and are even drinking buddies.

Continuing their tight-knit bond, Dong-wook had a special gesture in mind to support Yoo's recent guest appearance on the popular tvN variety show You Quiz on the Block, which the latter went on to promote his upcoming highly-awaited sci-fi movie Seo Bok, that also stars Park Bo-gum. The Tale of the Nine Tailed star sent over a coffee and snack (fish cakes) truck to the sets of YQOTB. The customised truck was cutely named 'Wook Cafe on the Block' while the bottom banner reads as, "You Quiz, sorry... I wasn’t being serious," along with a crying emoticon via Soompi.

The pun was in reference to Dong-wook's recent Amazing Saturday guest appearance in which he had to carry out an interesting penalty after losing. The penalty was to mention Amazing Saturday in a Tale of the Nine Tailed episode. In one particular scene of Ep 5, Dong-wook's gumiho Lee Yeon asks Jo Bo-ah's character Nam Ji-ah to choose between YQOTB and Amazing Saturday and the two simultaneously chose the latter.

The other customised banners read as, "Big jagi (Yoo Jae-suk), baby jagi (Jo Se-ho)! Please take good care of our Kkebi," and, "Ki-heon… I’ve been waiting for you. Movie Seo Bok, hit the jackpot!" While KKebi is the Korean word for goblin, Ki-heon is Yoo's character name in Seo Bok. "Big jagi, baby jagi, Kkebi. From the gumiho who loves you all," another banner read.

While we didn't get to see Yoo pose in front of his friend's gift, Jae-suk and Se-ho, hosts of YQOTB were seen posing happily in front of the truck while dressed in suits and sharing an animated conversation.

Check out Lee Dong-wook special gift for Gong Yoo on the sets of You Quiz on the Block HERE.

We adore this bromance and how!

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