Lee Ji Hoon, Han Chae Young and more display their desires through riveting character posters for ‘Sponsor’

Published on Nov 17, 2021 02:27 PM IST  |  98.4K
Sponsor Character Poster
Sponsor Character Poster; Picture Courtesy: iHQ

On November 16th, 'Sponsor' released four character posters for Lee Ji Hoon (Lee Sun Woo), Han Chae Young (Han Chae Rin), Ji Yi Soo (Park Da Som), and Goo Ja Sung (Hyun Seung Hoon), each with a fascinating aura. 


First of all, Lee Ji Hoon boasts a perfect synchronicity with Lee Sun Woo, who possesses a deep sense of revenge with his cold eyes contrasting with his soft expression. He is curious about his inner side hidden under the veil with a strange temperature difference that combines warm warmth and coolness. The secret story behind him stimulates curiosity as to why Lee Sun Woo, who has a warm nature as much as his appearance, sharpened the blade of cruel revenge.


Han Chae Young catches attention with her alluring visuals that shake the five senses. As Han Chae Rin, a talented CEO who has both money, fame and beauty, she creates a mysterious atmosphere with a gaze that feels both 'relaxed' and 'ambitious' at the same time. Han Chae Rin is expected to lead a development that gradually leads to catastrophe, causing a ripple in the lives of various characters with a dangerous choice stemming from endless desire.


Ji Yi Soo shows off the charm of Korea's rising star, Park Da Som, with her unique clean and neat appearance. She looks strong and solid, but her deep eyes that feel some sadness make her feel the conflict between maternal love and success. Unlike her cold appearance, she has a passionate love for her son who is suffering from an incurable disease.


Goo Ja Sung reveals the energetic force of Hyun Seung Hoon, who is taking a new leap as a model. Goo Ja Sung, who stares straight ahead without a single inch, touches on the poverty that cannot be escaped and the passion of Hyun Seung Hoon, who fervently dreams of success after overcoming many failures. How he will portray a dense 'adult romance' with Han Chae Young and how he will blend into the 'ambitionary character' that can't take his eyes off makes the main broadcast more awaited.

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