Lee Jong Suk REVEALS shedding 10 kilos via strict diet and home training; Says military service was relaxing

Lee Jong Suk was discharged from his military training a few weeks ago. In his latest interview, the actor spoke about his weight loss regime, time in training and the future.
Lee Jong Suk REVEALS shedding 10 kilos via strict diet and home training; Says military service was relaxing
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Lee Jong Suk was discharged from the military at the start of the year. The Pinocchio actor had enlisted in March 2019. He was a public service worker owing to his ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) caused by a car accident as a teenager. While the actor is looking for his comeback project, he gave his first interview since the discharge and spoke about life in the military and his life after discharge. Speaking with Esquire Korea, Lee Jong Suk confessed he was nervous about facing the camera during the magazine shoot. 

While he hoped that the photos from the shoot turn out to look good, he said he went on a strict diet ten days before the shoot for he had gained 10 kilos. "I went on a strict diet that went as far as fasting for a few days before the photoshoot because I was gained 10kg. This diet was particularly difficult since you can’t exercise (at the gym) these days. I had no choice but to lose weight through Home training and dieting, so I felt like my body was drying up," he said, as translated by Koreaboo.

Speaking about his time at the training, Lee Jong Suk confessed his time at military was relaxed. "I’ve always been thinking about my work and activities. So I was quite relaxed because I was able to let go of those concerns. All I had to do was my given tasks," he confessed. 

Looking at the future, Lee Jong Suk noted that while he is not sure what the future holds, he assures he would be more comfortable about his skill than he was in the past. "There was a time when I watched the camcorder like a compulsion and re-watched the monitor 100 times. It seems that it became more and more painful as I blamed it all on me. I’m trying to do that less now in order to love myself. I think that I thought, 'This is self-objectification’ and treated myself more harshly," he observed. 

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