Lee Min Ho donates a WHOPPING 50 million to victims of child abuse amidst the COVID pandemic

Lee Min Ho recently donated a huge amount to those suffering from child abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scroll down for details.
Lee Min Ho donates a WHOPPING 50 million to victims of child abuse amidst the COVID pandemic
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Lee Min Ho recently made a sizeable donation to a charity! Right before the new year, on December 28, Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment donated a whopping 50 million towards Holt Children’s Services Inc, Good Neighbors International, and Save the Children. All organizations specialise in the protection of children in need. This donation by Lee Min Ho will reportedly be used to support programs that help in improving family relationships by providing therapy to victims of child abuse. 


This is not the first time Lee Min Ho has done something like this, the star has been interested in children welfare and has made generous donations in the past to promote awareness of the matter. His latest donation was motivated by the number of child abuse victims increasing due to COVID-19 pandemic which has confined people at home. Before that, at the beginning of 2020, the star donated 300 million won towards preventing the spread of the lethal virus. His donation was used for providing personal protection equipment to health care workers and children with poor immune systems. 


The agency the star donated through, PROMIZ revealed in a statement that Min Ho decided to make the generous donation to protect those who are suffering child abuse from the hands of family members now that they have to spend time t home due to the pandemic. Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment have previously received recognition as substantial businesses that made several charitable donations to those in need. 


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Anonymous 2 months ago

So thankful for those who see the needs of the weak and in a dangerous environment people who reach out make a different May God Bless You may the fruit of spirit continue in your life ty

Anonymous 2 months ago

Seriously, this is news. When you haven't covered that this celebrity donated 50Million Korean Won, which is the same as US$ 46,000. How come you don't cover the fact that Bill Gates has confirmed over US$ 300 Million in donation to the supply of Covid vaccine in India?

Anonymous 2 months ago

what a good person..god bless!