Lee Min Ki and Nana share their first kiss on Oh My Ladylord!

Nana takes Lee Min Ki by surprise in Oh My Ladylord's latest episode. Read on to find out.
Lee Min Ki and Nana are paired opposite each other in Oh My Ladylord Lee Min Ki and Nana share their first kiss on Oh My Ladylord!
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We are back with our weekly update for the newest romantic-comedy K-drama in town, Oh My Ladylord aka Oh Master. The adorable romantic-comedy drama stars Lee Min Ki and Nana in lead roles. Min Ki plays Han Bi Soo a thriller drama writer, who chooses not to date, and Nana plays a rom-com actress named Oh Joo In, who is unable to date. So far, we know that Bi Soo and Joo In are bickering roommates who cannot stop arguing with one another but also cannot get enough of each other!

On April 8th, Episode 5 and 6 of Oh My Ladylord was aired back to back, after the official telecast was cancelled on April 7th due to elections. Episode 5 and 6 made a good progression from the previous episodes and the story is taking an interesting course ahead. We are into episode 6 of the show and we already had the first kiss between the leads. After Han Bi Soo rescues Oh Joo In from kidnappers, her heart starts leaning towards him. The two bickering roommates start becoming closer as they share their grievances and hurt with one another. 

Bi Soo is devastated to know that his mother is suffering from pancreatic cancer and despite that, she was always bright and cheerful around him. He feels guilty for treating her badly. Oh Joo In is relieved to know her mother, who suffers from dementia has returned home safe and sound. Han Bi Soo comforts Joo In with his kind words and in an emotional state of mind pecks him on the cheek. Han Bi Soo is taken aback and Oh Joo In surprised that she actually kissed Han Bi Soo! The episode ended on that note. Can't wait to see what is next in store for us.

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