Lee Min Ki and Nana spend a romantic night under the stars in Oh My Ladylord

Lee Min Ki and Nana are getting closer in Oh My Ladylord. Read on to find out.
Oh My Ladylord airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC Drama. Lee Min Ki and Nana spend a romantic night under the stars in Oh My Ladylord
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We are back with our weekly update for the newest romantic-comedy K-drama in town, Oh My Ladylord aka Oh Master. The adorable romantic-comedy-drama stars Lee Min Ki and Nana in lead roles. In the previous episode, we saw, Oh Joo In worried about her mother's dementia. She cries as Han Bi Soo comforts her with his kind and affectionate words. Visibly touched, she gently kisses him on the cheeks and immediately retracts! There is an awkward silence between them and the episode ends.

But it seems like the kiss broke the ice between them as they both spend a romantic night under the moonlit night! Yes, you read it right. In episode 8 that aired on April 15, Han Bi Soo and Oh Joo In go camping together. The weather is perfect and the dormant chemistry between them is even more palpable. They are dressed in comfy winter jackets and beanies and light a bonfire to keep them warm in the biting cold. They chose a site where nobody is there and under the night sky dotted with twinkling stars they lie down side by side. This is the start of Han Bi Soo falling in love with Oh Joo In, but a love triangle seems to threaten our Bi Soo- Joo In romance.

A lot is happening with the lead characters - Oh Joo In's mother's deteriorating health, Han Bi Soo's mother suffering from pancreatic cancer and Han Bi Soo's rage and hurt towards his father Han Min Joon. Can't wait to see what is next in store for us.

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