Lee Seung Gi’s Mouse breaks its own record in ratings; Latest episodes leave us questioning Ba Reum's identity

Updated on Mar 12, 2021 05:39 PM IST  |  513.5K
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Lee Seung Gi’s Mouse breaks its own record in ratings; Latest episodes leave us questioning Ba Reum's identity

After the sudden surge in viewership ratings for its third episode, tvN's "Mouse" continues to rise. It recorded a nationwide average viewership rating of 6.3 percent, surpassing its own highest ratings.

In the latest episode, Jeong Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), Detective Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) and Choi Hong Ju PD (Kyung Soo Jin) ended up fighting The Predator head on. The ending did leave us shocked when the child was actually kidnapped by Jeong Ba Reum.

What we know

According to what we have learned so far, there were two children with the psychopath gene - Han Seo Joon's son and the child of the other lady from episode 1. That child might be Jeong Ba Reum, if the pictures in his house are to be trusted. Dr Sung Yo Han, working in the emergency department, has grown up with Sung Ji Eun, Han Seo Joon's ex-wife. The scenes after Oh Bong Yi's grandmother is murdered make us believe that Dr Sung is the predator, especially the part where Sung Ji Eun bursts out crying and apologizing for the deaths caused by her child. But the ending of the last episode clearly indicates that Jeong Ba Reum is killing people. And yes, Sung Ji Eun is alive. So Jae Hoon, apparently, only killed his stepfather and half-siblings.

Connecting the dots

According to the monologue in the beginning of the second episode, Jae Hoon grew up to be the killer. If Jeong Ba Reum is the predator, he is Jae Hoon. He told Oh Bong Yi that he dispersed the ashes of his parents. So he might have killed the woman and taken the identity of her son. Or might have switched lives with the son. Jeong Ba Reum received the Citizen Hero Award in high school when he beat school violence perpetrators but we don't know whom he saved because Choi Hong Ju interrupted him. Dr Sung is a genius doctor but is slightly dark. Is he the son? Psychopath genes and genius genes are similar. So maybe the child possessed the genius gene and not the psychopath gene. Now to the part where Sung Ji Eun starts crying. Does she know that her biological son, if our theories are true, is Jeong Ba Reum?

If Jeong Ba Reum is really the predator, then he is a very formidable opponent. He takes care of the elderly, helps everyone in the neighborhood and is a goody two-shoes. If all of that is a facade, Jeong Ba Reum is someone people need to beware of and be afraid of.

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Anonymous : Mouse is such a riveting drama, cant wait for episode 5 and 7. Tho, I hope they would limit the gore and violence. They can really play up on the "suspense component" without the bloodbath.
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