Lee Seung Gi's Mouse will be airing a special broadcast Mouse: The Predator on April 28

Updated on Apr 29, 2021 02:19 PM IST  |  954.2K
Mouse: The Predator is the spin off broadcast for Mouse
The official poster of Mouse starring Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi's Mouse is winning audiences' hearts with a gripping plot and shocking twists in the series. 

Spoilers Alert In the 15th episode of the show, Jeong Ba Reum, played by Lee Seung Gi recovers all his past memories. Go Mu Chi, played by Lee Hee Joon is shocked to know that Jeong Ba Reum has been the psychopath all this while and has been The Predator even before they met! In a shocking sequence, it is also revealed that Jeong Ba Reum was also the mastermind behind the death of Oh Bong Yi's grandmother, the brutal death of Go Mu Chi's brother Go Mu Won, played by Kim Young Jae, and all the murders that happened in their city.

It was previously announced that like Song Joong Ki starrer Vincenzo, Mouse will be taking a 'Quality Check' break. For the unversed, a 'Quality Check' break is when an ongoing series takes a break from broadcast to revisit its scripting and content, revise it and upgrade it to a better quality. tvN drama will be airing Mouse: The Predator a spin-off episode is based on Lee Seung Gi's past as a psychopathic murderer. Previously, the makers announced cancelling the broadcast of the episode, but since it is such a loved drama with amazing television rating points, they decided to replace the week's official broadcast with the spin-off episode. 

The producers of the drama stated that the overall context of the story and the atmosphere of the work has changed and the new spin-off episode will aim to provide a deeper insight into the overall storyline, whilst adding new dimensions to the existing storyline. They hope to give the audiences a fresh perspective through the broadcast of Mouse: The Predator. Mouse: The Predator will broadcast on April 28 at 10:30 pm KST on tvN.

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