LeeSeunggi X LeeMinho EP.2: Lee Min Ho talks love, insecurities & more with Lee Seung Gi; Watch Video

Lee Min Ho released the second video from his series with Lee Seung Gi today. In the video, the duo discuss the theme of their project and talk about life.
LeeSeunggi X LeeMinho EP.2: Lee Min Ho talks love, insecurities & more with Lee Seung Gi; Watch Video
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Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi previously confirmed that they are coming together to collaborate on a YouTube video. The duo confirmed that they will be shooting a music video in the LeeSeunggi X LeeMinho EP1. In the second episode of the series, the two South Korean stars came together to discuss the theme and genre of the MV. As the two got down to business, the ideating process doubled up into a candid chat between the two stars. 

Lee Seung Gi began by revealing the emotion he wants viewers to feel after watching the MV. He confessed he was confused between picking a love song or a relatable track. As the discussion deepened, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho discussed the feeling of love before Lee Seung Gi confessed that though the emotion feels familiar, he wants to do something artistic. He talks about breaking away from his stereotypical image. He informs the Hallyu star that he wants to experiment with something different. 

As the duo delve deeper into the chat, Lee Seung Gi admits wanting to travel, he wants to go away from himself for a while, adding that he is constantly under pressure. As he made his confessions, he asked Lee Min Ho about how he managed to be calm and composed through his 20s. The King: Eternal Monarch star confessed he had several responsibilities and had the limitations of living within a frame. He went on to confess that while he had fooled people into believing he was stable in his 20s, the era was his most unstable period. Watch everything the duo told each other in the video below: 

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Anonymous 4 days ago

I think it is when they talk about love they are both good at it and the viedos are amazing

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

The viedos Are amazing to watch! Please could you not take the sub titles off. I miss half of what is being siad cause you take the subtitles off too quickly. Thank you.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What a fantastic video. Both are amazingly appealing in their sincerity. Thank you Lee Min Ho and team for this video