From The Legend of The Blue Sea to Hotel Del Luna: Here’s how you can give your feminine style a fun spin

Published on Mar 19, 2021 09:14 PM IST  |  690.8K
Get the look of Jun Ji Hyun from Legend of The Blue Sea to IU's Hotel Del Luna
From The Legend of The Blue Sea to Hotel Del Luna: Here’s how you can give your feminine style a fun spin

Loving yourself and loving your feminine side comes a bit easier nowadays, doesn’t it? From disliking pink and thinking dresses are too girly, to finally embracing the plethora of options available in the female fashion category - that’s a journey a majority of women take. And if you’ve always liked being “girly” even though people didn’t like it, more power to you! 


Today, we’re bringing three levels of showing off your feminine beauty - The Girly Look, The Lady Look, and The Eccentric Woman Look. All the three styles can be worn by anyone, irrespective of their age! 


The Girly Look: 

Welcome the summer season (that turns a little bit chilly in the night) with Oh Hae’s stylish wardrobe! In Another Miss Oh, her character wears a range of pastels, floral prints and bright-colored dresses with the right combination of sling bags. Free-flowing one-piece dresses go well on any lunch or brunch date, whereas you can don a loose floral printed top and jeans to head for a walk. Just put on a colorful sling, let your hair open and you’re good to go! Pairing single colored skirts with a printed top and a belt would work wonders too!


The Lady Look: 

Shim Cheong in The Legend of The Blue Sea knew exactly how to pull off both girly and stylish outfits in one go! From long pocketed pink checkered dress, to a free flowing polka dot top to even a velvet jacket - her outfits changed but still remained a part of her bright personality. Her colorful and chic wardrobe will definitely suit you if you’re looking for something fashionable but not too much.


The Eccentric Woman Look: 

If you love playing with styles and surprising people with new clothes or makeup, IU’s Hotel Del Luna character is your role model. Each outfit compliments her femininity and takes it way, way up in the fashion charts. Lacy frocks, midi dresses, velvet hand gloves, big hats and bold accessories - this is the perfect category to get a never-seen-before look from other people! Choose your mystery touch -a broch, satin hand gloves, or gorgeous hair pins!


Well, there you have it. You’re free to choose one, combine two or do all three! After all, it’s fashion - it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make YOU feel good. 


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Can you think of any more KDrama actresses that fit in these categories? Let us know in the comments below!