LIGHTSUM debuts with Vanilla; Chowon comments on unfair elimination on Produce 48

She has risen back up after facing dejection. Read more to find out about it.
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LIGHTSUM is the new rookie girl group under Cube Entertainment that debuted on June 10 with their first single ‘Vanilla’. The music video of the single has already garnered around 2.7 million views in 23 hours. The group includes eight members Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, Hina, Juhyeon, Yujeong, Huiyeon and Jian. Out of the eight members, three of them were already well-known because of their participation in Mnet’s reality survival show ‘Produce 48’. These three members are Chowon, Nayoung and Yujeong. Now they have finally opened up about their time and experience on the show. 


‘Produce 48’ is the third season of the reality competition show ‘Produce 101’. The concept is such that the public creates a group by voting for contestants along with their name and debut single. The group that is formed in the end will be together for two years and six months according to their contracts. Produce 48 led to the formation of the girl group IZ*ONE who gained popularity through singles like ‘La Vie En Rose’ and disbanded in April 2021. The show has had a series of allegations of vote manipulation. Chowon was also a victim of this manipulation, as the court revealed that she was supposed to be on the sixth position in the final voting whereas on the show she was eliminated because she was shown to be on the 13th position. 


Chowon gave her honest opinion of feeling confused, wronged and dejected at the time of the show for being eliminated due to manipulation. Nevertheless, she was grateful to have debuted in LIGHTSUM, a feeling that was shared by both Nayoung and Yujeong too. They now aim to work hard and repay their fans with great performances and songs. Let’s cheer for LIGHTSUM on their debut!


You can watch their 'Vanilla' MV here:



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