'She likes me a...': aespa's Karina on being invited by BLACKPINK's Jisoo to BORN PINK finale concert in Seoul

aespa's Karina spilled the beans about her presence at the BLACKPINK's BORN PINK finale concert in Seoul during a fan call. Read to know.

Updated on Sep 23, 2023   |  03:33 AM IST  |  909.8K
aespa's KARINA, BLACKPINK JISOO; Credits: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment
aespa's KARINA, BLACKPINK JISOO; Credits: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • aespa's Karina reveals she is close with BLACKPINK member Jisoo and was invite to the finale concert
  • All of aespa members were present at BLACKPINK's BORN PINK Tour finale concert in Seoul

aespa's Karina spilled the reason behind her presence at the BLACKPINK's BORN PINK Tour. Recently, during BLACKPINK's finale concert show in Seoul that lasted for two days, a plethora of Korean celebrities were spotted at the venue who came to cheer on the K-pop group. One of the groups spotted was aespa. During a fan call, Karina of aespa was asked how she was invited to the concert show.

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aespa's Karina reveals her friendship with BLACKPINK's Jisoo

During one of the fan calls held between Karina and aespa fan, the latter asked how it was made possible for aespa's Karina to be at the BORN PINK finale concert show. Karina shared that BLACKPINK's Jisoo approached her first and became friends with her. She then revealed, "I got close to Jisoo unnie, so I got to go. Jisoo unnie contacted me first and said she likes me a lot." This sent fans into adoring the idol friendships and interactions. One thing K-pop fans surely love is the interaction or any bonding between different K-pop groups. All of the aespa members were invited to BLACKPINK's BORN PINK World Tour finale concert in Seoul that took place from September 16 to 17. aespa members also met BLACKPINK backstage and Ningning replied that the members were really nice to them.


aespa's LYNKPOP: 1st VR Concert

aespa, a four-member group under SM Entertainment has popularised the concept of metaverse and hyper-pop in the K-pop music industry. The group debuted in 2020 and consists of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. The K-pop group has announced their first virtual reality (VR) concert which will be held on October 25 at Megabox Coex theatres in Seoul. aespa's hit tracks will be featured in a VR concert that will last for 30 minutes, according to AmazeVR, who will be co-creating the concert. aespa is currently on its Synk: Hyper Line world tour that kicked off in February 2023 in Seoul and will end on September 30.

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Credits: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment
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