A lookback at Korean styles that we can only DREAM of pulling off in real life

We are listing the best trends inspired by Korean superstars that we can only dream of pulling off in our actual lives. Scroll down to see.
A lookback at Korean styles that we can only DREAM of pulling off in real life
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We are utterly fascinated by K-pop, be it style, music, beauty looks or skin, they are constantly setting new trends. Whether it’s a simple, daily look or something a little more adventurous, we are looking at some styles that are so good but almost impossible to replicate in the real world. Apart from a few exceptions, of course, we love these styles regardless. 


Festival glam: Now this OTT style is a tough one to copy, like a Coachella look, it is casual but perfectly glamorous and blingy at the same time. While getting a hold of similar outfits is not difficult, these looks are challenging to carry, where are us mere mortals gonna wear these looks even?


Woke up glam: This isn't too hard to believe, while no one wakes up glam, Korean superstars are amazing at portraying that they just wake up with perfect skin, perfect hair and oh so perfect clothes. But even though we know that's not true, we’re always tempted to wake up like them, perfectly glam and perfectly put together. 


Sleek and sexy: Korean superstars are experts at exuding sensual styles and appearances effortlessly, while we love the viibe unfortunately, it's one of the styles we mere mortals can't carry irl. 


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