Love Alarm S2: Kim So Hyun and Song Kang confirm their much awaited return on THIS date

Netflix Korea confirms that the second season of Love Alarm will premiere on March 12, 2021.
Love Alarm S2: Kim So Hyun and Song Kang confirm their much awaited return on THIS date
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Love Alarm season 2 will be airing, finally! After a long, tedious wait of over two years, Netflix Korea confirmed in affirmative that the much-loved drama is indeed coming with a second season. Love Alarm is a romance drama set in an alternate reality with Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram in lead roles. It is based on the eponymous webtoon, where people discover love, through an application that notifies users whether someone within the vicinity of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. The first season explored the love triangle between Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun), Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) and Lee Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram), as they navigate their way through the love app and the complicated feelings of their own heart.

The first season aired on October 22, 2019, and it was confirmed for a season 2 in the same month as well. The official script reading took place in February 2020. Now after a long delay, Netflix Korea officially confirmed that season 2 of the drama is releasing on March 12 with two official stills. In the first still, you can see Kim So Hyun and Song Kang are facing one another, maintaining a solid distance between them. Expressions of hurt, anger and heartbreak are registered on their faces, as they look at one another. In another still image, Kim So Hyun and Jung Ga Ram are standing by the bridge, the distance between them is considerably lesser as they look at one another with love-filled and emotional expressions. Unlike the previous still, there seems to be more guilt than animosity here.

You can check out the official stills below:



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Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun's new drama River Where The Moon Rises premieres on KBS 2TV on February 15 at 9:30 pm KST. She stars alongside Ji Soo in this saeguk-romance drama.  

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