Lovely Runner’s Song Geon Hee talks listening to Stray Kids; reveals wish to meet look-alike I.N in person

Lovely Runner’s Song Geon Hee who is often said to be a look-alike of Stray Kids’ I.N reveals he wants to see the idol in person in an interview. Read in to know more.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  05:28 PM IST |  125.1K
Song Geon Hee (Image Credits-tvN), I.N (Image Credits- JYP Entertainment)
Song Geon Hee (Image Credits-tvN), I.N (Image Credits- JYP Entertainment)
Key Highlight
  • Lovely Runner’s Song Geon Hee reveals wanting to meet Stray Kids’ I.N
  • He also said he listens to Stray Kids songs

Lovely Runner's Song Geon Hee, frequently noted for his resemblance to Stray Kids' I.N, expressed his desire to meet the idol in a recent interview. He also mentioned being a fan of Stray Kids' music. 

Song Geon Hee gained significant acclaim for his role in the popular K-drama Lovely Runner, both domestically and globally. This newfound attention sparked humorous comparisons from fans who joked that he and Stray Kids' I.N could be mistaken for siblings.

Lovely Runner’s Song Geon Hee talks about Stray Kids’ I.N

During Lovely Runner, fans couldn't help but notice the uncanny resemblance between Song Geon Hee who plays Kim Tae Sung and Stray Kids' I.N, a prominent K-pop idol. Several features of the Lovely Runner actor and the Stray Kids member fueled speculation among fans, playfully suggesting they could be long-lost brothers.

In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Song Geon Hee discussed his resemblance to Stray Kids' I.N. The Lovely Runner star mentioned that he's been aware of comparisons between himself and I.N since his debut, prompting him to listen to Stray Kids' music out of curiosity. Song Geon Hee expressed his hope to meet I.N in person someday in the future.

One of the primary reasons fans drew comparisons between Lovely Runner’s Song Geon Hee and Stray Kids’ I.N was their strikingly similar facial features. Both stars possess nearly identical oval-shaped faces with notably sharp chins.


In the interview, Song Geon Hee also discussed the Lovely Runner cast's group chat, revealing that they find it easier to communicate in person than online. He eagerly anticipated the upcoming Lovely Runner reward vacation, mentioning his previous experience attending one with the female lead, Kim Hye Yoon (who plays Im Sol in Lovely Runner), during their time after filming SKY Castle. He expressed curiosity about the new memories they would create this time around.

More about Lovely Runner’s reward vacation

On June 11, a representative from Byeon Woo Seok's agency VARO Entertainment announced that Byeon Woo Seok would be unable to attend the Lovely Runner reward vacation due to his ongoing Asia tour SUMMER LETTER schedule. Meanwhile, Kim Hye Yoon is confirmed to join the vacation, as stated by a representative from her agency Artist Company. They expressed their intention to adjust her schedule as much as possible to ensure her participation in the trip.


On June 4, CJ ENM, the production company behind Lovely Runner, confirmed that the cast and crew would be heading to Phuket, Thailand for a reward vacation. This announcement came shortly after Lovely Runner concluded its successful run on May 28.

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