Lovestruck In The City, Another Miss Oh & more: KDramas with steamy kissing scenes that’ll make you blush

What do we call a KDrama with adorable kissing scenes? Our favourite KDrama! Check out the list below!
A kissing scene from Fight My Way Lovestruck In The City, Another Miss Oh & more: KDramas with steamy kissing scenes that’ll make you blush
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We’re glad KDramas are different from Western shows in a lot of aspects; refreshing storyline to unique characters and a whole different culture. While these definitely score major points, KDramas have another charm too - the kissing scenes! Indians were majorly exposed to two broad spectrums of shows and movies - Western shows/films where nudity and physical tension are at an all-time high, with scenes sprinkled with physical intimacy as if salt and pepper and Indian shows/films where even a kiss is a big no-no. 


Between these two broad extremes, we Korean culture enthusiasts are blessed with the KDramas, which have the perfect amount of sexual tension and physical intimacy! So while it does have everything, it’s majorly known for its romantic dramas that make one blush. Feeling all giddy and rooting for the lead couple to kiss at least once after ten episodes, is just a normal KDrama fan yearning. What happens when they do kiss? The kiss transforms into one of the best kisses ever! 


So here we are. Giving you some recommendations of the most amazing kisses scenes in KDrama history! 


Lovestruck In The City - Jae Won and Eun Oh



You’ve probably guessed the kiss we’re talking about. It’s the kiss at the surf board shop! It is one of the few shows that has the lead couple kissing in just two episodes! A definite steamy kiss happens when Eun Ho comes back with a small injury and Jae Won helps dry her hair. Between those soft moments of care, passion erupts and Jae Won takes the plunge - takes Eun Oh’s face in his hands and gives her a kiss. She of course, reciprocates back. Oh, what we would do to erase the show from our memory to experience this again.


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim - Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So



If someone were to ask what kind of a show What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is, we'd say romantic, funny and definitely steamy. Considering Kim Mi So and the narcissistic Young Joon are complete opposites and didn’t even have romantic feelings for each other, when they did start liking, the passionate kisses they shared were definitely steamy, to say the least. Almost every time the couple gets close, there are bound to be goosebumps or feeling like you’re standing at the edge of a cliff. Dim lights, a big house only for themselves, Park Seo Joon’s abs and the couple on the bed - what more would we even want?


Her Private Life - Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold



While pretending to be fake lovers and ending up falling for each other is a rather old trope, we still love it. That’s the trope used in Her Private Life too. While the actors have to pretend they’re together, their awkward physical moments gradually shift from uncomfortable to easy sensual moments that’ll make you remember your first love. This kiss is so good that even the director teased us, ending the episode on this scene! 


Fight My Way - Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra 



Park Seo Joon is a man of culture and a man who definitely knows how to be physical. Dong Man, played by Park Seo Joon and Choi Ae Ra, played by Kim Ji Won share a rather passionate confession night. The drama is a rom com story revolving around four friends. Dong Man and Ae Ra are childhood friends who 9 episodes later realise they have feelings for each other. But one of the best scenes is when Ae Ra says he likes him while crying and Dong Man leans in for a kiss, telling her that even he does. Things go up a notch as Dong Man pulls her leg and makes her lie down - turning that one kiss into a whole makeout session! 


Another Miss Oh - Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung



A case of mistaken identity which leads to our hero and heroine finding the love of their life? We love such mistakes! When Park Do Kyung is left at the altar by his fiancé Oh Hae Young, he meets a woman who has the same name as his former fiancé and now he can’t get her out of his head. So after a series of coincidences, meetings and more, when the couple finally meet, they share such a passionate kiss that would make you go red in the face. The yearning, the desire is definitely intense in that scene! 


Excluding the eyes-open-forceful-kissing, KDramas have given us plenty of charms like these to remember!


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Which one of these kissing scenes is your favourite? Let us know of any other steamy kissing scenes that you love in the comments below too!