Lovestruck in the City Ep 3: Kim Ji Won shows dual personality glimpse; Takes leap of faith with Ji Chang Wook

*SPOILERS ALERT* Lovestruck in the City Ep 3 was heavily focused on Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won's past relationship and how the latter decided to take a leap of faith with the former.
Lovestruck in the City Ep 3: Kim Ji Won shows dual personality glimpse; Takes leap of faith with Ji Chang Wook
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Lovestruck in the City Ep 3 kickstarts where the previous episode left us as Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) and Lee Eun-oh (Kim Ji-won) recount what went wrong in their relationship. After spending the night together, Jae-won sees Eun-oh supposedly flirting with another man and starts showing his jealousy streak. Choi Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok), Seo Rin-yi (So Ju-yeon) and Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun) quip about how Eun-oh may have thought of it as a one night stand and not a good one.

On the other hand, Jae-won and Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung-soo) have a funny battle of words stating that they'd never be friends if they were to meet in real-life because of their opposing views on dating. Going back to the past, when Jae-won finds out that Eun-oh went out on a Christopher Nolan movie date, upon the latter's return, he tries to gain her attention by playing the guitar as she practices playing the ukulele. Alas, it was met with no reaction. A frustrated Jae-won gets triggered further when he finds out that Eun-oh learned a surfing trick without him.

When he confronts her in the beach, Eun-oh senses that he's angry with her but continues to act aloof. Inspite of feeling bad, Jae-won uses his hat to shield Jae-won from the blazing sun thus leaving the latter stunned once again. Moreover, Jae-won is all pumped up when he finds out that Eun-oh never really went on the movie date. Jae-won uses the iconic 'Love Actually' method of using notes to ask Eun-oh out on a getaway trip while also giving her a deadline of 6 pm. Unfortunately, Eun-oh's shift at the restaurant ends only at 10 pm.

While it looks like Jae-won is getting dumped once again, we hear Eun-oh's side of the story of how she came to Yangyang because she hated herself and wanted to become a person free from her inhibitions. Eun-oh also confesses that she knew she was blatantly ignoring Jae-won's romantic gestures but also realises that the reason why she's drawn to him is that he never asks her 'why' no matter how mean she can get with him.

With the time way past 6 pm, Eun-oh decides to take the leap of faith and runs as fast as she can to catch up with Jae-won. Thinking that Eun-oh is going to stand him up, Jae-won starts driving only to encounter a wild Eun-oh stopping him in his path. Jae-won gets out of the campervan and quips how Eun-oh is extremely weird but he still doesn't get why he likes her so much. The couple proceeds to embrace as we're promised at least some romantic moments before the inevitable breakup.

Moreover, in the present time, we see Jae-won and Eun-oh remorsefully thinking about the past while staring at a camper van figurine and a vintage camera shop. This goes to show that the pair still aren't over each other in spite of the animosity.

As for the other couples, we see how Kyung-joon and Rin-yi have a disagreement while talking about Jae-won and Eun-oh's misunderstood one night stand while getting a more detailed glimpse at Geon and Sun-young's past encounter, which was a one night stand turned something more. Geon also gets brownie points for talking about how he's voluntarily single while also defending Eun-oh by advising Jae-won, "Don't think about dating when you don't understand women." 

Check out some of the best moments from Lovestruck in the City Ep 3 below:

While we're loving the past storyline when it comes to Jae-won and Eun-oh, we wish to see more of the other two couples who promise quirky backstories of their own. Moreover, fans really want to see Jae-won and Eun-oh's present encounter which is indeed going to be a heaty and heartfelt exchange of words. Nonetheless, the aesthetic behind Jae-won and Eun-oh's relationship is a genuine delight to the eyes while Ji-won's dual personality shines through with her character. In three episodes, Lovestruck in the City has managed to make viewers root for all three couples and hopefully, they get their happy ending either with each other or without the other.

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Love love this drama, so sweet. Love love Chang Wook ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous 4 months ago

I find this one of my least favorite kdramas. I have tried to get into it, but I just find it rather stupid. Sorry