Lovestruck in the City Ep 5: SHINee's Minho comes to Ryu Kyung Soo's rescue post messy breakup with Han Ji Eun

*SPOILERS ALERT* In the latest episode of Lovestruck in the City, we get more insight into the three couples while also getting an adorable cameo by SHINee member Minho.
Lovestruck in the City Ep 5: SHINee's Minho comes to Ryu Kyung Soo's rescue post messy breakup with Han Ji Eun
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Lovestruck in the City Ep 5 dealt with a common problem which occurs post a breakup: What do you do with the memory box after breaking up? This is explained through Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung-soo) and Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun), who may have started the relationship on a sparks-worthy note but their breakup was equal parts fiery as well.

We see the two bickering on the street post their breakup where Sun-young wants Geon to completely forget about her as a coping mechanism. This means making him remove his jacket, shirt, shoes and even socks as they hold a special memory of their relationship. It's while he's downtrodden in the freezing cold that Geon encounters Oh Dong-sik (Minho) and the two instantly hit it off as they are from the same college. Moreover, we see how caring Dong-sik is as he lends him a jacket and slippers and even reveals how he's passed the police entrance exam.

Viewers also find out that Geon is actually roommates with Lee Eun-oh (Kim Ji-won) and is also the reason why Geon and Sun-young broke up. In a hilarious epilogue, we see Sun-young pretends to dress rich and carries empty shopping bags because it cheers her up.

When it comes to the adorable longtime couple, Choi Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok) and Seo Rin-yi (So Ju-yeon), we're taken to a past moment when the two had decided to breakup and Kyung-joon uses the memory box as a charming segway to win her back. We see the back-and-forth between the pair which shows how well they know each other and ultimately, as expected, they work things out.

As for the main couple. we finally factor in the 'Camera Theif' motif as it's revealed that Eun-oh cleverly stole Park Jae-won's (Ji Chang-wook) precious cameras. Going back to when they were a lovestruck couple, we see the pair indulge in happy times including Jae-won spending days, working hard making couple surfboards and documenting it for his ladylove. While Jae-won is clueless as to why Eun-oh took the cameras and never returned it, we find out it's the only memory she has of Jae-won and heads to a famous studio to get it developed. While at the studio, Eun-oh is left stumped when the man recognises Jae-won as he has developed photos for him before. Eun-oh swiftly leaves with the photos and we see how she's not over Jae-won, by a long shot, while reminiscing their fond memories. Jae-won is also seen contacting the same man which could lead to him finding the whereabouts of Eun-oh in Seoul. We also see the heartbreaking voice message which was sent by Eun-oh to Jae-won where she reveals that she won't be coming to meet him as promised in Yangyang and that she wasn't returning the cameras.

Check out some of the best moments from Lovestruck in the City Ep 5 below:

What we liked about Lovestruck in the City Ep 5 is how the other two couples are finally getting to tell their stories while also adding in their input to Jae-won and Eun-oh's relationship, especially what they think about Eun-oh stealing Jae-won's prize possession. Moreover, it's also endearing to see how Eun-oh pretended to not care about keeping any memories of Jae-won but listened to his advice of keeping the rolls inside a fridge so that the colour doesn't get completely tainted. We also can't wait to see more of Minho in the KakaoTV drama as he will play a pivotal role in helping Jae-won find his 'Camera Thief'.

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