Lovestruck in the City Ep 9: Ji Chang Wook has tense showdown with Kim Ji Won as he unravels her true identity

*SPOILERS ALERT* In the latest episode of Lovestruck in the City, Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won's impromptu reunion is a complete disaster when the former gets to know that the latter lied to him throughout their two-month relationship.
Lovestruck in the City Ep 9: Ji Chang Wook has tense showdown with Kim Ji Won as he unravels her true identity
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Lovestruck in the City Ep 9 kickstarts where the previous episode left us as Oh Dong-sik (Minho) arrests Lee Eun-oh (Kim Ji-won) for stealing Park Jae-won's (Ji Chang-wook) precious cameras. With the theme of the episode being 'What if you run into your ex?', we see how the characters answer the important question by giving scenarios.

While Choi Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok) admits that he's only ever dated Seo Rin-yi (So Ju-yeon) quipping how he feels it's a bummer and that Rin-yi shouldn't find out that he said it, the latter recalls her last relationship and how she got back at him for not having the courage to break up with her in the first place. While her ex is on a date at the same coffee shop she works at, Rin-yi hilariously butts in and states how he's two-timing the both of them and that she will be the bigger person and let him go. Rin-yi reasons that she likes to give people a taste of their own medicine.

As for the quirky ex-couple Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung-soo) and Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun), we see the couple recount a time when they bumped into each other (Sun-young was chasing a high school student who was running away from home while Geon helped her in trapping him from escaping) post their breakup and caught up over drinks. While initially, it seemed like smooth sailing for the pair, the two eventually start to remember why it was that they broke up in the first place. Sun-young point-blank asks Geon who it is between his best friends Eun-oh and Rin-yi that he has feelings for. On the other hand, Geon notices Rin-yi's purse which he had gifted her and exclaims how she beat him up on the street with the same bag. As the two start arguing loudly inside the restaurant, the staff promptly kicks them out.

Eun-oh is taken to the police station with a worried Jae-won in tow, who notices that her wedding ring is missing but still holds her hand as a form of comfort. After Dong-sik explains that Eun-oh could go to jail for stealing the cameras while informing her that Jae-won reported her six times, the police officer asks Eun-oh for her resident registration number. Because Jae-won knows her as her alter-ego Yoon Seon-a, Eun-oh cooks up a story of how Jae-won gifted her the cameras and that she didn't steal it so as to hide her true identity. After much trepidation, Jae-won goes along with Eun-oh's story.

Given how she was handcuffed by the police, Dong-sik informs Eun-oh that he will still need her ID number. A reluctant Eun-oh takes her ID out but a curious Jae-won snatches it only to unravel Eun-oh's true identity. Amid the serious atmosphere, Minho's Dong-sik delivers the line of the episode as he curiously asks Eun-oh, "Are you a man?" Jae-won loses it at the police station as he demands answers from Eun-oh which is the complete opposite reaction to when he was interviewed. Back then, he stated how he wouldn't ask her questions and that it's only their reunion which was important to him. However, Jae-won felt truly betrayed by Eun-oh's lies and promptly leave the police station. Eun-oh chases after Jae-won's car as the latter stops driving when his ex gets into a near accident with a bike.

What takes place next is an extremely tense encounter between Jae-won and Eun-oh:

Eun-oh wants to return the cameras but Jae-won just throws it hard on the ground exclaiming how he doesn't even know who she is while questioning who was the girl he fell madly in love with. Jae-won asks how he can take the cameras when it will always remind him of their relationship. Speaking his mind further, Jae-won tells Eun-oh how heartbroken he was to see her wedding ring missing, especially when it was her who made them promise to never take off the rings.

Jae-won finally takes off his wedding ring and throws it into the lake leaving Eun-oh an emotional mess as her voiceover explains, "Just in front of him, I wanted to remain as the dazzling girl Yoon Seon-a. But Jae-won now found out I'm not the girl he thought I was." Upon reaching home, Jae-won wants to drink his sorrows away but Kyung-joon beat him to it and cleared up all the alcohol in the house. We see how Kyung-joon and Rin-yi try to sell it the limited edition alcohol to Geon, who they refer to as a pushover. Jae-won begins to question his relationship with Eun-oh, recalling their happy memories in Yangyang as his voiceover asks, "Who was that beautiful girl who shone brightly?"

When Dong-sik leaves the police station, he's surprised to find Eun-oh inside the lake at Cheonggyecheon looking for something. Turns out, Eun-oh was searching for Jae-won's wedding ring while her own ring was attached to a necklace she safeguarded from the rest of the world, including Jae-won. Eun-oh rejoices as she finally finds the wedding ring and Dong-sik's happy reaction to Eun-oh was extremely endearing. While it may seem like Jae-won is finally letting go, we see in the epilogue how he too enters the lake trying to find the ring as well, which he obviously couldn't get.

While the first few episodes of Lovestruck in the City felt like a slow burn, with Jae-won and Eun-oh finally reuniting (albeit under harsh circumstances), the series is finally building the pace at a faster level, getting viewers excited for what's to come in the remaining six episodes. Moreover, the other two couples are also getting their solo spotlight and the balance is much more admired than just focusing on the main couple. A throwaway moment we absolutely found hilarious when Jae-won decides to walk by the bridge to add a mysterious aura to his personality which the interview squad disagrees with.

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Meanwhile, Lovestruck in the City Ep 10 will come out on January 22.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It’s sad that Jiwon took this drama. Eun O would be her least appealing character after portraying so many outstanding characters beforehand. The plot line is mediocre and the physical intimacies are unnecessary and forced. The second episode already got me disappointed because of the rushed physical intimacy and got me wondered what could possibly convinced her to do such scenes so I lingered until the next few episodes but I totally lost it when her painful past was revealed and yet despite her broken and totally messed up Backstory she unwittingly jumped into a summer fling. It doesn’t make sense. The character is sick and unhealthy. And the relationship portrayed in the drama is not what real and true love should be. It was basically rushed and founded on physical and should I say lust. The plot line is shallow. What a waste...

Anonymous 1 month ago

The only reason why I’m watching is because of Ji Chang Wook. It’s painful to watch a talent wasted in a series like this. It’s different but not interesting enough to catch my attention. If not for Chang Wook, two episodes is all I can take from this series.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Yeah me too is never interested to watch the k-drama lovestruck in the city , i love JCW very much esp the drama , K2 and the Healer , but lovestruck is no good i felt so boring watching it , then after the second episode i've stopped watching the show

Anonymous 1 month ago

Chang Wook and JiWon are true blooded, great actors of their generation.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Due to Minho, I really thought she was a man lol

Anonymous 1 month ago

Same! If she was trans that would be such an interesting story line