Lovestruck in the City: Ji Chang Wook REVEALS his first impression of Kim Ji Won is that 'she's beautiful'

During Lovestruck in the City's press conference, Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won revealed what their first impression of each other was and their acting experience together.
Lovestruck in the City: Ji Chang Wook REVEALS his first impression of Kim Ji Won is that 'she's beautiful'
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Amongst the most exciting Korean dramas to premiere in December 2020, we have Lovestruck in the City which gives us a fresh pairing in Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won. Judging by the first episode itself, fans are already loving the charming on-screen chemistry that the two leads share. At the KakaoTV drama's press conference, via Sports Chosun and Soompi, Chang-wook and Ji-won spoke candidly about their acting experience together.

Chang-wook quipped how he jokes around with Ji-won in real life too and since there's a lot of physical affection in the drama starting early on, the 33-year-old actor wondered if it might be his first drama like this. Moreover, the Backstreet Rookie star thought it would be really good for the co-stars to form a bond or get comfortable more quickly than usual so as to film such difficult scenes. Hence, when the duo was filming on Jeju Island and in Yangyang at the beginning of the shoot, Chang-wook and Ji-won "became more comfortable and closer than expected."

When asked what their first impression of each other was, Chang-wook confessed, "My first impression was, 'It's Kim Ji-won. She's beautiful. I feel reassured.' There's always a feeling of anxiety to a certain extent when you meet a partner, but when we met, she was trustworthy and reliable, and I was grateful and glad."

On the other hand, Ji-won stated that she imagined what Park Jae-won (Chang-wook's character name) would look like when she read Lovestruck in the City's script. So, when Chang-wook first walked into the room, the 28-year-old actress admitted that her co-star was exactly what she imagined Jae-won to look like. "He takes good care of me while we're filming so that's been a great help to me," the Fight for My Way star concluded.

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Anonymous 4 months ago

They have good chemistry❤️❤️