Lucifer fans point out loopholes with detective Decker affecting the fallen angel’s supernatural abilities

Updated on May 30, 2020 09:07 AM IST  |  2.4M
Lucifer fans point out loopholes with detective Decker affecting the fallen angel’s supernatural abilities

From the very first season, Lucifer has been trying to figure out how detective Chloe Decker’s presence makes him susceptible to pain. Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, makes it clear in the very first episode that he has quit his job as the king of hell and will continue to live among the mortals for as long as he wants to, against his father, God’s wishes. Even though he takes a human form to fit in, it is no secret that he is in full possession of his supernatural powers.

These powers make it easier for him to walk and live among humans and even control them. However, he is left surprised and confused when he realises that even though he possesses the power to control human minds, his supernatural abilities don’t work on detective Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German). The realisation hits him hard in the very first episode when he tries to compel information out of the detective and ends up getting nothing. As the show proceeds, Lucifer finds out that in addition to Chloe being immune to his powers, her presence actually makes him susceptible to pain.

However, some hawk-eyed fans have pointed out loopholes in the plot lines revealing some major contradictions. There are a few scenes in the show that have left the fans confused and now they are debating whether Chloe’s presence merely makes Lucifer susceptible to pain, or is it actually gradually diminishing his supernatural abilities.

From the very beginning for the first season, Lucifer questions why all his powers fail to work on Chloe. He realises that he becomes vulnerable to pain whenever she is around after she shoots Morningstar in the leg and he bleeds for the first time in a very long time. The mystery of Chloe was briefly addressed in season 3, when Lucifer’s angel brother Amenadiel revealed in season 3 that as a child, the detective was blessed. However, the revelation did not fully answer all the questions about Lucifer and Chloe’s fate.

Fans are unsure of how much Chloe affects Lucifer and if her presence in his life is actually making him weaker in general. A fan on Reddit questioned exactly how Lucifer’s strength actually works when he is close to his detective partner. Redditor Aloen2306 asked: “How did Lucifer go from throwing a guy through a window without blinking to be beaten by an older fat lady?”

In Season 1 Episode 3, Lucifer throws a man throw a window with zero efforts even though Chloe is right there in the room. This suggested that the devil’s powers only fail when he tries to use them on Chole. However, in Season 2 Episode 1, during a crime investigation, Lucifer gets beaten up by a lady and in the scene, it was suggested that it was because Chloe was right outside the door when the woman was hitting Lucifer. 

“He didn’t know that Chloe found the murderer too. He thought he was invulnerable so he let her hit him with the poker and because Chloe was knocking at the door he got nearly unconscious,” a fan explained. However, another fan countered this argument by noting, “In season 4 he held a car when Chloe was around and when he threw the guy through the window Chloe was literally right next to him.”

“It’s a valid point. Being near Chloe doesn’t make him any less strong. His strength is treated inconsistently, especially early on. I think as others have said, you can rationalize it by saying he received a head injury and maybe that affected his strength,” another fan explained. It still does not explain how he can be all-powerful around Chloe in one scene and suffer a head injury in another. 

Season 4 of Lucifer ended with our charming fallen angel embracing his true identity and reclaiming his throne in hell, leaving his lady love behind. The upcoming season will hopefully finally explain how Lucifer’s fate is linked to Chloe. And most importantly, since the makers are focusing on concluding the show in the new episodes, they will have to focus on Lucifer and Chloe’s romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, earlier this week Lauren shared some interesting information about the show’s upcoming episodes. A fan asked the actress to share news about the release of the show. And although she asserted that she is not sure about when the creators will drop the series, she did reveal that the upcoming episodes will be broken into two seasons. She also stated that the creators will soon make an official announcement about the same. 

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