Mafia In The Morning MV: ITZY members pose as charismatic femme fatale in the new slick & stylish comeback

ITZY members return with their new album Guess Who and its title track, Mafia In The Mouse. Watch the video.
ITZY at 2020 The Fact Music Awards ITZY at 2020 The Fact Music Awards (Pic credit - News1)
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ITZY is back with a bang! The supremely talented and stunning quintet has made a thunderous comeback with their new album, Guess Who and its accompanying title track, Mafia In The Morning, which is co-produced, written and composed by JYP Entertainment's founder J.Y Park himself! Other tracks include Sorry Not Sorry, Kidding Me, Tennis, Shoot and Wild Wild West. 

Mafia In The Morning is a slick, stylish and smooth music video akin to a game of Mafia. 'High-fashion', 'sleek dance moves' and 'eclectic mix of sounds' are the three components that make for a 'K-pop Noir' and ITZY nails it to the tee. Mafia In the Morning is composed by LYRE, J.Y Park, earattack, and KASS, and the lyrics are written by J.Y Park, KASS, danke, and LYRE. The song plays out like a challenge to a potential lover as if to say, "I will steal your heart, stop me if you can". The music video is catchy, oozing with charm and confidence. The girls play their parts of a femme fatale beautifully.

You can check out the music video below:

Meanwhile, ITZY has already set a new personal record with their upcoming mini-album, Guess Who. Guess Who had surpassed 260,000 stock pre-orders, achieving the group’s highest number of stock pre-orders for an album to date. Well, it is only onwards and upwards for ITZY! Congratulations to ITZY!

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