You will not be able to take your eyes off Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the cover of Outlook Business!

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who will soon be seen in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, looked dead drop gorgeous and stunning as she posed for the cover of Outlook Business. She was seen on the cover posing pretty in minimalistic looking makeup. With a clean face, luscious lashes, highlighted brows and light strobing on her face. The actress finished her look with subtle nude lips, keeping it clean, simple and classy.
The issue hits stands on October 14, and we love the fact how we get to see so much of Aishwarya nowadays. What about you? 



Nice photo but I'm more excited to read about the 19 WOMEN ACHIEVERS. Go girls.

Nice photo. Unable to accept that many generations of actresses have come after her and audience, BW, industry itself has moved onto them. Just like it happenned with ones prior to her.

She has, is, and always will be outstanding! I always believed she was in a league of her prior to marriage. Marriage took a toll on her.

i love her since my childhood...loving her even more

Very pretty woman..inspite of all.photoshopping

@Queen_Rani_Mukerji........I totally agree with you :)....You're absolutely right.....

gorgeous...she slaysss kareena

Once in eons such a face is born! I think Beautiful is now spelled as A-I-S-H-W-A-R-Y-A :). Her name is become so synonymous with beauty almost like an adjective in itself. But she will never be discussed or remembered for any performances or roles. Her acting talent (rather lack of it) is on the other extreme of her beauty...sometimes even cringeworthy!

Aishwarya is legendary for her iron clad contracts in Bollywood. She is a sharp negotiator. Her business acumen is to be respected.

beautiful and fresh

No doubt--- she is the one and only real beauty in Bollywood. simple, elegant, quite, and outstanding. all the best

Lovely Aish..

i think its an old picture.... but AMAZINGLY beautiful none the less.

stuning sublime soft beauty.there is something about her face.

No doubt the most beautiful actress in Bollywood

I have always loved her since my childhood days. Real inspiration.

Woman of substance. Love her.

i like this woman very much, what i don't like is her same expression, same old make up, and hair, . must change and look different.

She looks best in minimal make up.

Honestly a lot of these magazines just use older photoshoots of the actors and don't shoot something new with them - this looks like something that she did a while ago and she didn't actually sit for this magazine if you know what I mean. They just use her image on the cover (kind of like how magazines in Canada or England will use bollywood celebrities on their covers but the celebrity never even did an interview with them.

This new photo to L, Oreal, they just used it for the cover)
Today, she will be at this event log)

Aishwarya is looking immaculate.Perfect look for a corporate magazine,subtle yet simple!

What a beauty.. Wowww..

Lol grace all magazines sweety your film is not releasing any time soon!!! Thank god we are spared from her screeching.

Very beautiful .

Why is she covering a business magazine??? Is she an entrepreneur..???.oh please...there r so many woman entrepreneurs in India who have achieved much more than her..they should b on the cover...not some bad actress like Ash!!

oye yaar why are you ruining Rani's image every time you open your mouth. Are you her real fan or working for somebody else ?

I Am a Die Hard Rani Fan..But That Doesn't Mean I m Not Allowed To Express My Opinion!!


Very pretty
She has aged gracefully
God bless

Photoshopped completely. She is beautiful as it is...Why photoshop?

EVERY cover of EVERY magazine is photo shopped. If you can't understand that, then by your logic no actor or actress is naturally beautiful!


Truly outstanding!

Pure and Perfect. She gets underrated all the time, but especially for her business acumen. She's formed strong business ties with some of the most luxurious and popular brands of all time for decades. She also knows when to walk away like after the Kalyan disaster. Se is a very intelligent and resourceful woman. Even if she retired tomorrow her great-grand children will prosper.

she really is a godess

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