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Conquering Hollywood: Deepika Padukone strikes a pose on the cover of Vanity Fair

The stunning Deepika Padukone is dazzling Hollywood and taking the world by storm. One of her recent stints being bagging the cover of Vanity Fair's August issue jewellery edition.
Conquering Hollywood- Deepika Padukone strikes a pose on the cover of Vanity Fair
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The stunning Deepika Padukone is dazzling Hollywood and taking the world by storm. One of her recent stints being bagging the cover of Vanity Fair's August issue jewellery edition. She is seen striking her favourite looking backwards pose in this picture. 

Wearing her hair straight and sleek, tucked back Deepika flaunted her royal and fabulous earrings with diamonds and emeralds. A bronzed look with nude lips and well-shaped eyebrows rounded her look. The magazine took to Instagram and shared another picture of this dimpled beauty flashing her adorable smile and flashing a beautiful ring 

We think she looks fabulous! What about you? Comment below and let us know. 

Deepika Padukone made her big Hollywood debut in the movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage opposite Vin Diesel. Ever since she has been making waves in the west! From attending the Oscars party to Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival Deepika Padukone graced all occasions. The Actress will next be seen in Padmavati an Indian period drama film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She will be sharing screen space with Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

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Deepika is most beautiful actress

There is no doubt about it, she has no competition in Bollywood,

Have no doubt that pc and kat spend a lot of time on pv particularly on DP's posts. No nightlife I guess !

LOL @ the title

Vanity Fair, like most mag publishiers, have special advertising supplements and issues that attract ad dollars on specific consumer topics like cars, electronics, and in this case jewellery. The Vanity Fair UK edition puts out a jewellery special supplement every August. Many people do not know it exists but there it is. It is not the main Vanity Fair but it is under their brand.

No... it isnt good..the pic !aging n her nose

Why is she jealous of Kangana, Katrina and Priyanka . Oh I know, she is jealous with Katrina's bbeauty, Kangana talent and boldness and Priyanka's success. She needs to learn how to be happy in your own space.

Lost all respect for her after news of her and Novak came out. If it is just a PR stunt, then she clearly has a different understanding of ambitious and desperate.

An Affair with a married man whose wife is pregnant. She is finally getting media attention she wanted. Celebrations all around.

she looks AWFUL. its only her sad one or two teenage girl fans who pretend she is beautiful to feel better about their own faces. yikes that nose and that aging.

So why are reputable magazines like vanity fair keen to work with her and have her on their cover ?

Sorry, but Priyanka's face is so fake looking, anytime I look at her pics, it only reminds of the plastic surgeries she had. Its a big NO. Deepika is stunning naturally. You Kat,PC,Kangana fans can stew in your own hotdog juices as much as you want as all three had several surgeries on face and body, while DP is natural and that beats any fake "beauty".

dp looks more fake and haggard than all of them , who are you kidding

A darker lipstick would have looked better, but she looks good of course. Finally some PR action for DP in Hollywood.

On the contrary pc and kat fans are some of the worse on social media. Creating fake accounts to target dp's directors and colleagues and creating fake edits. wishing death? horrifying

Sorry But I've seen DP fans do that as well. Creating fake accounts, editing together wadrobe malfunctions and just talking in a very crude manner. Every actor has batshit crazy fans and if you deny that youre one of them

I'm happy for all these girls - PC, DP, Sonam, hope there are more..

Deepika aunty and her conqueror dream

B&W picture is great. No need to overstate the achievements, PV.

Lmao hollywood conquerer deepika must be living in a bubble land and she hasn't achieved what priyanka has achieved in hollywood and bollywood. deepika plz take a lesson frm priyanka how to speak american accent to be in hollywood.

Same pose with zero personality.

Conquering Hollywood? Only in her dreams. She is not cut out for it.

wow, surgery side effects look really bad!

Until Indian actors and actresses can make a mark in the global entertainment business through their acting, they'll just have bask in their 15 minutes of fame before being lost in some random page of history...

do they even sell the Vanity Fair on Jewellery issue? I've never even heard of it and I live in the UK. :S

there's a Hollywood in the UK now?

how is Deepika conquering hollywood? this isn't even an American cover!

She looks sooooo beautiful..Natural beauty.

Never heard of this version. Is there only digital copies or print too?

Never heard of the "on Jewelry" version

UK Vanity Fair has special issue on August, on jewellery. This is topic specific so it attracts advertising income for the magazine. This is where jewellers may want to place their ads.

smile photo is extraordinary

Hahahaha...we indians cannot leave our obsession of Hollywood...no one in bollywood is even close to conquering Hollywood. You cannot conquer Hollywood by doing blink and miss roles or small cameos or by taking pictures with other Hollywood stars and posting it on Instagram......get a reality check .

hahaha.. exactly my thougt.. you said it.. thank you.. and am i the only one who feels she looks anorexic!!

conquering hollywood? taking hollywood by storm? what rubbish is this. kuch bhi.

Again she's only getting Vanity Fair gigs (including that piece on upcoming celebrities) because of her association with Elizabeth or whatever that stylist's name is who also is an editor for VF. Also this isn't the cover it's the cover of the jewelry section. Why is her one eye so droopy?

I'm neither a Kat fan nor PC's, Aish's, Kareena's or any other person for that matter .. All I can say is that DP's fans are the nastiest trolls on PV with utmost hatred for other actresses. Will be glad to know if they acknowledge that their Queen DP is in fact the most fake person in the industry.

She just stole the "fish" title from pc

That smile is so sweet and real...

Perfection !!!!!


Neither PC nor Deepika are creating any waves. It's just their PR teams.

That b/w pic is hideous

Vanity fair uk and conquering Hollywood.. rofl
"All she does is pose for magazine covers" ....every deepika fan ever for priyanka...and now?

Wow! Just look at that smile.

Hollywood? Its VF UK!

Vanity fair UNITED KINGDOM! where she has few centre shots earlier this year.good for her anyway

Look at her teeth. i so wish I had teeth like that :(

katrina stop writing here! go home

Deepika is such a stunner. LOVE!!

God, she's just breathtaking. This cover came out of nowhere.

There's like 5 other pictures, PV. Post them as well. She looks drop dead gorgeous!

Brown beauty

Priyanka headlining an ABC show, Sonam showstopping for Ralph & Russo yesterday, Deepika on the cover of Vanity Fair Jewellery's annual cover! Aaah, I'm a proud Indian :)

She looks bad. What happened to her?

Stunning! How perfect are Deepika's teeth though?

This woman is gorgeous. I absolutely love the cover.

Deepika looks so gorgeous. I love how they didn't whitewash her. Funny how that only happens in Hollywood.

she looks like aishwarya

she wishes. what an insult to aishwarya

Lol last year when priyanka was doing magazine covers in USA, people criticised saying that it is the all she does in Hollywood and look at deepika now. An inside issue in a magazine and one over budget same old period film plus a niche film. When will our favs ever

I'm sorry but spare us the conquering Hollywood stuff ladies. Both PC and DP did roles in a mediocre film, had hits and misses in red carpets and appearing in magazine covers with such exaggerated lines. They haven't concurred anything worthy to talk about.

Love the pics, she looks stunning as always. No one forced vanity fair to wtite this article, calm down. dp/pc are both dping their thing, achieving. There's room for more than one south asian film actor who lookband act completely diff from each other

awww love u dipu... You look ravishing on the magazine cover... We do know that it's not easy to become a big star in hollywood in a second.... Just proud that you are making your prsence felt... What you have achieved so far is not easy or else we would find every other Bollywood actor or actress who aspires to be in Hollywood over there... Just keep on putting in your efforts.... And haters will say bullshit they just need a reason to hate or take out their jealousy as their favourite actress couldn't achieve that feat.. Luv u... Proud to see anathor self made actress like priyanka on the global map

Beautiful indeed



Wtf! Conquering hollywood by deepika? Priyanka chopra suits the title of conquering hollywood. Deepika had a small cameo role in xxx and still has a long way to pave her mark in the hollywood. Kuch bhi heightness of pr team ?

Yes.. PC had a blink and miss role in baywatch. So definitely DP had better screenspace as compared to her. If you just feel attending events and awards and begging the work is conquering hollywood and then you need broaden your mindset.

Lol last time I checked it's priyanka who had a blink and dissapear 10 mins extended cameo in baywatch and she's doing few magazine shoots and this is all she could get after being in Hollywood for the last 4 year's while doing that mediocre quantico which 90% watched by Indian's while she's completely losing foothold in Bollywood....
P. S- Priyanka also has a pr team which is doing a great job at making us stupid Indians believe that she's a big thing in Hollywood which she isn't
Stop spewing hate on deepika ( i believe you are a PC fan) both are putting in their effort appreciate them both
Post it pv you r posting negative comments so post it as a reply to those negative comments

So!!!true.PC is not a big star there.Its just her PR .she's just a serial actress which had lost its plot way back in the 1 season.she is just giving appearances on award shows and on magazine covers.But dp has a film in which she is the main lead

If Deepika had a cameo in XXX, what did Priyanka have in Baywatch? A walk on part? Yes I agree that Deepika still has a long way to go, but this is a pretty big deal. This is an annual issue for Vanity Fair and she managed to get on the cover :)

She is ever stunning.

bwaahahahahaha conquering who hahahah

Currently your thoughts.. which is just stuck opening your wide mouth.

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