The unstoppable Deepika Padukone looks fierce on the cover of Femina

The stunning Deepika Padukone looks hot and happening on the cover of Femina. She was seen wearing a Nike sports bra along with a mesh top layered over and tucked into her ripped shorts.
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The stunning Deepika Padukone looks hot and happening on the cover of Femina. The sexy leggy lass is seen flaunting her long-long legs on the cover of Femina as she was posing on a rose gold rod. She was seen wearing a Nike sports bra along with a mesh top layered over and tucked into her ripped shorts.  broad belt with tassels added a touch of glam to the look. She hung a red Dior moto jacket along with her in this look. 

Deepika punctuated the look with Louboutin heels accessorised with Dior cuffs and rings. 

Femina complimented Deepika by saying " Stardom couldn't have happened to a nicer girl". The unstoppable issue also features 10 powerful young women who inspire. 

It is a double celebration for Deepika Padukone as the actor recently received an invite from the Academy Awards to be one of its members and was recently nominated in four categories at the Teen Choice Awards 2017.

The actor while acknowledging the invite today tweeted, "HONORED TO BE A NEW #ACADEMYMEMBER. @THEACADEMY #CLASSOF2017."

Along with Deepika, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan have also been extended invitations.

What do you guys think of this cover? Comment below and let us know. 

Deepika Padukone will next be seen Padmavati- an upcoming Indian period drama film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She will be seen sharing screen space with Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh


She needs to work on her eye expressions , she always looks sleepy in the eyes rather than sultry

I dont know how can someone think of her as beauty queen Mastani and padmavati.Well makeup and vfx does wonders.

She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Such crisp facial features! Perfection!

What's with the sleepy,droopy eyes, stare of deepikas?

DP looks out-of-proportion nose, cheeks, or lips. Yes, she would look amazing if she put on some weight.

Omg anazing! So gorgeous

Deepika is the most beautiful indian woman right now

Alia, Ankita, kangana, katrina way more naturally beautiful than Deepika.

In your dreams yeah

Queen looks stunning

She needs to eat a burger Asap.

I think she needs to decide if she wants to be a model or an actress. As an actress doing covers in India, I'm a bit surprised as to why her facial expression is this dead - I get that the whole blank dead eye stare is good but people are fans of Deepika the actress, not Deepika the model... so this cover is disappointing for those that are just seeing a generic model (that doesn't even look like her btw) and not Deepika Padukone, actress. For example when Angelina Jolie does a Vogue cover - she's still Angelina Jolie, actress and humanitarian. She isn't suddenly "Angelina Jolie, model" just because she's doing a Vogue shoot. And I feel like Deepika is doing this solely to keep getting invited to fashion shows etc.

She looks good here. Deepika has everything it takes to be a model. I really don't like the blank face that is kind of popular in de modelling world though.

She has started to look old.

I literally dont find Deepika and katrina so good looking, neither do they have a sexy figure( ofcourse kat once was the most beautiful actress with good curves during chikni chameli but no more with botox ) I am sorry but they are so flat as blackboard. Men dont find them good but fine a bit healthy actress like Zarine, priyanka ver good looking and sexy.

When it comes to modeling she slays love you DP you're gorgeous

Yeah, but when it comes to acting she sucks


Deepika drink fruit juices daily especially Anar juice. It wont increase your weight and keep you healthy and make you look lively and alive.

Cleavage controversy deepika?

This one looks like global magazine cover. And we're getting more and more global model vibes from Dp these days. I love the way her fashion sense is evolving into more global, edgy and experimental one. Dee my new style icon!!!

wait, what happened to her beautiful face?

Nothing. She is gorgeous as usual unlike fake actresses like Katrina whose face has changed due to botox

I didn't know that staying fit is lately being termed as being unhealthy. Come on haters she looks fit in this pic.

Damn this looks like a international sports wear photoshoot. hot!!!

Dp looks like a true international model. If you see photoshoot of international models their expressions are very subtle just like the one she's sporting now it's subtle, demure and sexy this expression doesn't shout. She's a package - model and actress rolled into one

Nothing is good about this cover. The pose is so old fashion and the dead/sleepy expression is so unattractive. Thumbs down!

Her expression says Ranbir plz accept me and take me back.

She has lost all her curves.

She looks stressed and is in depression may be because she isnt getting films.

Lol so does katrina delivering her fourth flop in a row makes this jobless Deepika no.1 actress. She is still the same flop miss xxx .

She has started to look old and has lost her whatever little charm she had.

Should I buy you some food ?

Whenever I think she cant look any bad she drops by a level furthermore with her next Magzine.


What haters call "dead expression" is actually a viable expression in modelling world. Yes she can stop thinning herself but I'm sure she isn't unhealthy. She knows what she is doing. She acts like an actress and poses like a model. I am happy she is spreading her wings as wide as possible. Look at this picture again. If it was just a model, you would call her hot. Just because we know it is DP, we are choosing to see how she looks un-DP or un-Bollywood actress. She looks like a perfect model here and that was what they were going for!

Very bad looking

Big yes

Love it!

Bad photoshop with nose. Cannot unsee.

She has beautiful eyes but whenever she tries too hard to look seductive she ends up looking sleepy or drunk.

Why does deepika does not look like herself in all magazine covers

Someone told her dead eyes are a form of expression. Wrong.

Previously haters used to rant about her pr now they rant about she looking unhealthy when she's looking absolutely fit in this pic... Common haters be creative and start hating on better topic atleast like lol

Honestly, its good. Better than anushka's filmfare bold and blassy photoshoot(LOL).This atleast looks bold and blassy.....

Wow!!! She is like an international fashion model. She could do commercial shoots &at d same time some high fashion stuff.......!!!!!

Wow!!! She is like an international fashion model. She could do commercial shoots &at d same time some high fashion stuff.......!!!!!

Naturally beautiful

Holy, why do they keep dressing the most beautiful girls in the world so badly? Like constantly every cover.

Hot sexy and delicate at the same time. Deepika rocks.

Previously haters used to rant pr as if their favourite actress doesn't have a pr team and now they are ranting looking unhealthy and aneroxic when she looks absolutely fit... Lol haters atleast hate on the right thing.. Pls post it pv

She looks fab, great legs abd shoes

Ooho please come out from these iner wearing looks

My absolutely favorite actress missing you in Bollywood movies and IFFA awards so bo....rring without you yawn!

Deepika is better than this. She looks unhealthy here and I am not even saying that they photoshoped her face so much that she looks like Alia here

Shakuntela the second. see problem with everything

Oy keep me out of this

Woah Gorgeous.Deepika is the only actor from BW who can look cute and sexy at the same time. What a stunner!!

Na she is looking very bad , day by day she is getting skinnier ???Anorexic ?? Or yet depressed saga ??

Bad cover her eyes looks dead

Why are her eyes always dead in these covers and good job on the obvious whitewashing



Aptly titled!!! one of the most influential women in India currently....

Looks like sports magazine-cover.... Dp looks unstoppable and hot in this magazine cover

Love that delicate facial expression while she's looking uber sexy.... Hot!!!

Hotness bombarded in one pic

DP's looking sexy, delicate and unstoppable in this magazine cover...

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