Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan are the epitome of a royal dream couple on the cover of Brides Today

Humsafar couple Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan make for a stunning pair on the cover of Brides Today. The duo was decked in Fawad's wife Sadaf Khan's clothing label.
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Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan's chemistry is fire on ice and was palpable when they appeared on screen in the Pakistani serial, Humsafar. They are easily one of the most loved onscreen couples of all time and we can't get enough of the two. 

Hence, we couldn't stop admiring the duo as they appeared on the cover of Brides Today. While they appear on an Indian publication magazine, the shoot for the same took place in Dubai.

What's interesting to note is that Fawad and Mahira are both decked in Fawad's wife Sadaf Khan's clothing line. Mahira looked breathtakingly beautiful wearing a nude floor length kurta featuring a centre slit with heavy floral embroidery and sequins work on it. The actress teamed her outfit with rust yellow tapered pants which had elaborate floral sequin work on it. Hair tied in a messy bun with a long kundan neckpiece and maang-tika finished off her look to perfection. Fawad looked hot AF in a pastel green bandhgala kurta with scattered golden sequin motif on it and co-ordinating white churidaar. His kohl-rimmed eyes added finesse to his traditional attire.

The cover was shared by the official Instagram account of Brides Today.

Brides Today's caption reads as, "Celebrating romance with #MahiraKhan (@mahirahkhan) and #FawadKhan (@fawadkhan81) for #BridesTodayIn’s love issue."

What a gorgeous pair, indeed!

The pair will next be seen in Maula Jatt 2, which is directed and written by Bilal Lashari. Maula Jatt 2 also stars Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malik and is the sequel to the 1979 movie, Maula Jatt.

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Manish has been stealing Pakistani designers since 90's. Ban on Pak TV , magazines helped.

I open my day by this post, Mahira and fawad, are as smoldering hot and steamy like my am coffee! Yeah ,let's start the day!

Come on. This a beautiful cover . Anyone denying that clearly has some underlying agenda. Clothes, makeup, style ... everything’s perfect

He’s looking like that handsome chai wala here

Handsome chai wahla, had blue eyes,and looked like European model, in suit! Both phataan!,thumbs up from me!

Two people with limited acting abilities and fake American accents on the cover PV plzpost

LOL delusional much!

These two are hot!

Pretty sure no bride in Pakistan dresses up like that!! Why copy Indian fashion all the damn time?!

here in California, Indian women buy there party and bridal clothes from Pakistani stores. Ask your NRI's. Thanks lord for free countries.

How are you sure when pak TV , magazines are banned in India since 1980s. Hon, you are ignorant about Pakistan and it’s better to agree with me. Only then a desire of search will come and the end results will be Enlightenment and nothing else.

Pak bride wear all kind of fashions, depends on their backgrounds, personal choice, theses are edgy, shoots, the designers wanted unexpected look, it can be styled more traditionally, too! Just like American brides designers do edgy shoots with their bridals!

hon that is Pakistani brand go see her ig they have posted pics of customers wearing them

Sadaf is fawad's wife,is the designers, this edgy, non traditional photo shoot was her concept to make a impact, mission accomplished! Mahira and fawad ,are looking jaw dropping Gorgeous! Very unexpected from this pair!

dam mahira you are lit hope to see you on a mag cover with sid or aditya

Nah..trying too hard...old even for Ranbir forget Adi

Yes we know Ranbir prefers play dates now make your way to rk posts

Buddy are you ten, that beautiful women ,look old, get therapy ! She is younger then RK!

After looking at fake couple chemistry, that some one trying to create as hot, now this is what I called chemistry!

They literally have dead expressions!

Ever heard of edgy shoot, they are giving attitudes , not supposed to be traditional look!

thn hon stop looking

The level of photoshop on jawlines and overall definitions on both celebs is too damn high...nothing natural left lol

hun, watch their interviews, just as beautiful, there is one by faridoon/BH on I phone at masla award of mahira, naturally beautiful!

someone get them to act in a brilliant rom com please

Put your request in LOLlywood!

Where has that person said bw in the first place get over your self

Insecure BW actor spotted!

Didn’t like it.

I saw all the pictures they are stunning, wow, now this is a hot couple, also, loved the deepika and fawad , at the fashion show pic! I still, LOL, someone left this gorgeousness for ...the girl in green, to make a tepid pair!

never seen someone look so good as Fawad khan.

My GOD! These two are just unreal! so freaking perfect. I have seen pics from this shoot....every shot is stunning!

Fawad khan had a rhinoplasty and it is rumored that Mahira had one done as well. its not all natural people!

Fawad had to remove a bone from his nose after his bike accident. He was having difficulty breathing. It was done by a surgeon and not by a plastic surgeon. Mahira has not done anything. I know you can't tell the difference since you are so used too of staring at fake pics.

So? Who cares how the cake was made, I'm only interested in the end product and how it tastes.

They are truly a beautiful pair with the perfect kind of chemistry. Which is rare in Bollywood.

Fawad Khan has such an angular face and well chiseled, sharp features. He carries off that mooch really well.

the bold and the beautiful!

OMG!!! Can't get better than that....fab fab fab!!! Drool drool drool!!!

They both doesnt seem happy.. Why?

They met you!

Fawad looks great! He needs to act in another Hindi movie soon!

Woah outstanding! Also Fawad + Kareena = Ecstasy. Unfortunate, it cannot happen anymore :-( Fawad could've become the next superstar.

Banned came at the right time. Indians are smart.

Not you though,still click on their post!

these two look like this for real, when they talk, they have the best tone to their voices, fawad can sing and mahira can carry the tune! I saw them sing in their interviews! awesome.

Gorgeous couple, enough said, waiting on MJ2.

too much gorgeousness. my eyes hurt! cant stop staring at the pic.

Those who are saying Fawad is too hairy well sorry that just shows he's a real man unlike the nowadays ultra feminine males

His wife designer mahiras outfit very well. It's really nice

Whatever mahira is wearing is beautiful and Fawad looks like that beautiful famous chaiwala here

All that talent and we don't get to see him enough. All he does is model his wife clothes :(

No. He did two Pesi Battle of the bands contest shows and many ads. His two movies are releasing this year.

these two are royalty and lit

these two are lit and royal

Wow. So much better than covers by Kareena, Disha and others.

Photoshop to the max level

It's obvious you can't tell the difference between a photsohopped and a real pic.

Fawad is so hairy .Ewwwww

Sign of a real man, the way god intended.

Hon that is what real men look like

Smouldering eyes!

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