Janhvi Kapoor dazzles on the cover on L’Officiel magazine

Janhvi Kapoor is the cover star for L'officiel magazine's December issue. She looks stunning on the magazine cover.
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Janhvi Kapoor’s popularity is soaring by the day and she has become the audience’s heartthrob; the actor impressed with her debut film, Dhadak and won many hearts with her performance in the film. Janhvi Kapoor is the cover star of L’Officiel magazine’s December issue. Janhvi looks gorgeous in a black Shivan and Naresh strapless dress. Dewy make up, highlighted brows and pink-purple eye shadow complete her look. Janhvi looks like a diva on the cover of the magazine. In the interview with magazine, Janhvi will be talking about competing with herself.

Janhvi made a confident debut on the cover of Vogue magazine this year and since then has been the cover star of many fashion and film magazines. She is stylish, glamourous and makes a fashion statement at events. L’officiel magazine’s social media handle shared, “Janhvi Kapoor may have an envious film legacy to fall back on, but she is here to win the race on her own.” The actor’s debut film did good business at the box-office. She has now started prepping for her next film, Karan Johar’s Takht.


Janhvi has started working with a diction coach to learn Urdu for her role in the film. Janhvi will essay the character of Zainabadi Mahal in the film that also stars Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Bhumi Pednekar, Vicky Kaushal and Anil Kapoor.

There were reports that Janhvi will be starring in the biopic of first woman IAF chopper pilot Gunjan Saxena. However, there has been no official announcement about the film by Dharma Productions yet.



Can you guess our December cover star ? Hint: She recently stole away the hearts in her debut movie.

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Bad nose job u still see the shape of the old nose which doesn't help, should go to PC's doctor she need to heighten her bridge so that her nose is straighter. Pertness at tip of the nose only is not working

For all haters, Jahnvi was pictured in a "fashion" magazine due to her glamarous look, so chill! I'm sure you are not going to put Dolly Binda's face on its cover magazine.

This photo reminds so much of Sridevi ji. I'm sure with experience, dedication and hard work Jahnvi will be a very successful actress.

girl needs to sort out her personal life priorities. and then act. and then (if there is any time left - there shouldnt be), she should focus on these lame magazine shoots.

does she even know MJ's story?
she's 21 and she done some what 100 surgeries?

i aint got a problem with it - she looks great and all but idk if its healthy - isnt it like an addiction???

she's one film old and has done 5 magazine covers this year. she needs to chill and focus on sorting out her priorities.

well.. so it wasnt surgery that caused her mom's demise thats for sure.
else, she probably wont have the guts to keep going in for it even after feb.

sara dont do PS like janhvi

so much plastic surgery at such a young age, why be insecure about your looks??.. Sridevi was insecure as well and she passed that to her daughters

Janhvi looking gorgeous here..

All the work she has done to her face one can see

Growing to look like Sridevi!

Sara is 25 not 23. Why is she dishonest about her age? She’s way older than Janhvi so let’s not compare

Sara is 1995 born, janhavi is 1997 born, 2 yrs difference is way older??

The above commenter is right. Sara was born in 1993 not 1995.

No, in 1995, Amrita was acting in movies in 1993 with movies like Aaina for which she won a filmfare supporting actress award.Post Childbirth she took a long break. Check ur facts properly.

1993 Amrita SIngh did Aaina with Jackie shroff and Juhi....it was a hit, she wasnt a mother then. Sara was born in 1995.


She looks good....It was a smart move by Sridevi to get all surgeries done before her acting debut.,,that way we don’t need to see her face changing constantly like it’s the case with many actresses ...

Her eyes!!!!

Very nice

those eyelashes look too good. Yep she is learning to look good

not a flattering cover

She looks like a doll

V. Plain face

Is Jhanvi as hot as her mother?!? I wonder. Thoughts?


She looks strikingly like Shriya Saran here.

Share same surgeon

No Shriya was cuter and she is a classical dancer so she looked elegant. Jahnvi seems sweet but I don’t think she can survive on that unless her nepotism papa keep giving roles. She totally misses the “it”.. meaning she lacks the persona and charm. May be she may get it in few years but not happening right now.. looks too trying

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