Priyanka Chopra shines beautifully on her first Vogue US cover

Priyanka Chopra took to her Instagram page and unveiled the Vogue US cover. This is the first time, any Indian has featured on the Vogue US cover. Check it out.
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is the first Indian to be on the cover of Vogue Us magazine. The actor is featured on the January issue of the elite magazine and last week they unveiled a few unmissable photos of her from the photoshoot. Moreover, Priyanka also opened up about her love story with Nick Jonas to the magazine and they did a romantic shoot for them. Today, finally, Vogue unveiled the cover of their January issue and it's indeed worth the wait.
On the cover, PeeCee is seen wearing a Tom Ford outfit. She has donned a beige coloured dress with a plunging neckline and leopard print broad belt tied around the waist. She opted for a shiny bronzer look with dark red lipstick. Hair tied in a messy bun rounded her sexy look. Priyanka posted the cover on her Instagram page with a caption stating, "Vogue, January 2019 Shot by #annieleibovitz @voguemagazine link in bio! cc: @jilldemling @tonnegood @abbyaguirre @patidubroff @garrennewyork"
Check out the cover below and tell us about it in the comments section.


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Meanwhile, on her personal front, Priyanka is now a married woman as she tied the knot with Nick Jonas on December 1 and 2, 2018, at the beautiful Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur. On December 1, the couple got hitched as per Christian traditions and the service was officiated by Nick's father. The newlyweds stunned in Ralph Lauren attire.

For the Hindu wedding ceremony, which was held on December 2, 2018, Priyanka and Nick donned traditional Indian attires by Sabyasachi.


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Wow all the PC haters are here, jeez. 1) stop comparing her to a Kardashian. As someone living in the US, let me tell you that she is nowhere close to a Kardashian, whether it be incessant coverage of every single detail of their lives, or how they got famous. They are just not comparable. Unless you live in the US, you truly have NO idea just how people perceive the kardashians and what they symbolize. 2) she's actually pretty famous here. People like her. Though they don't really know her for her performances in tv or film, she's a constant fixture in our fashion magazines. My white friends and classmates all know who she is and they find her to be very pretty and Western thinking. She talks the talk and walks the walk that makes her appealing here. She doesn't have a crazy fan base, but everyone knows who she is. So I don't know where people are getting the idea no one knows her...that's patently untrue. 3) being on the US cover of Vogue and being photographed by Annie Leibovitz is a HUGE deal!!! Good for her. That's a status symbol for any Hollywood star. Again, people like her in the American public and Hollywood. She's not trashy or overly sexualized like a kardashian, she keeps it classy and she's seen as a feminist. Sincerely, an actual American who knows what's going on.

Yawn! And now stop your endless essays here finally! No one cares! Pls PV have mercy!

Priyanka making India proud! Also one of the 100 most powerful women on the planet in 2018 (Forbes International).

P.S. Deepika's jealousy all over the comments section, she has the worst fans and PR ever!

Delusional "fans" HHAHA..this woman is Indian's Kardashian and they think landing a magazine cover for woman who is in the industry for 20 years is a huge accomplishment...HAHAH...I see little kids investing stuff, like finding an electricity in Africa, building a fountain, building devices that saves life and but this paid cover trumps so many narcissists like this old woman

Global con artist is back at it again, I mean, look how much she has "accomplished" being on the Vogue is such an achievement because it means nothing!! Regular people dont care, and Vogue cover can be bought, KIM K has done it and SRK's daughter recently shot the Vogue cover too, wowo what an achievement, it's like she got into medical school and became a surgeon and yahhyy

Stunning. Priyanka has been looking amazing lately. She was starting to look a little washed up a few months back. The youthful glow is back. Very natural too. Not super made up. Must be love.

she looks gorg on the cover..but dont like the musid video..its cheesy&looks tacky&filmy&rehearsed

Aishwarya must be burning. Priyanka got everything Aishwarya wished for- global stardom.

Ash could have had all this if she wanted even without trying much. I m not her fan. She let go lot of opportunities

Bhai kisne rokka tha ..

so proud! you go PC!

I am not her fan but this is a brig achievement, she is on the US cover, that’s something.. you go girl...proud of you..

Congrats Pc. You deserve much more.

Shining with half breasts poking out, ok if thats your idea of shining then sure it is what it is, to each his own.

SRK must already be in talks with Vogue US to hv Suhana Khan on their cover next!

Lol, these topics always end with the one-liner who desperately likes his own countless comments only ;). Pls PV post

So excited to get a copy of her cover!

Looking gorgeous Priyanka! Will definitely be buying this magazine!

An indian woman is featured on the cover of the biggest fashion magazine for the first time and you people decide to hate.

No wonder India was looted by the westerners! Why look up to westerners to be acknowledged for our own achievements. They stole our wealth and built their country and still has the audacity to call India a third world country while still stealing our yoga, ideas from Vedic knowledge and Sanskrit. All secular westerners will show their real faces when you dig their graves deeply. They are looters who destroyed India.

Congratulations Priyanka! You're an inspiration to many Indian women!

Anyaways, Congrats to Priyanka, Such a beautiful woman. All this through hard work, nothing handed to her.

Priyanka being very successful is your best revenge.
May you win an award soon for 50 topmost sucessful business
woman in the world.

I’m so jealous

I hate how successful she is.

Damn, she can’t hear you. She’s too busy being the most successful actress.

You guys be positive. Why are your hearts so black.

i wish i had 1% of her attitude. she is beautiful

playboy playboy playboy come peeeceee you'll rock it.

Congratulations Priyanka! If an actress from Bollywood deserved this, it is you! Keep breaking barriers!

She looks spectacular but i was distracted by the description of Nick Jonas. lol

Holy shit! PC fans and their essays...haha.

Just for Quantico? A tv series? bollywood is still ok about her, not that she is getting 20 chill.

I love how much Priyanka affects people's lives. Look at all the envy and hate. You all can hater her all you want. Write all the hateful things you want. At the end of the day, Priyanka continues to succeed, shine and break barriers while you continue to hide behind your computer screen and spew venom on someone whom you don't know and has done nothing but make your country proud. PinkVilla please share my post. Thank you :)

I was really happy when i found out she was doing a show abroad, as an Indian and as someone who loved her in Fashion, Aitraaz, Barfi and other movies. But Quantico was not good and she wasnt exactly being the next-big-thing there. And while she and Nick Jonas dont seem to have the "chemistry" factor -atleast in external appearances - that even Sonam and her husband (who Ive never seen before) had at their wedding, I would like to believe she is happy and in love. But Im sorry, this whole wedding is just plain tacky. It is so blatantly sponsered - "You can the Nick- Pri love in hi resolution- Shot by Anne Leibovotz for Vogue On Google pixel" "My friends love my bachelor party on these Lime scooters" that it is embarrassing to watch. Yes other couples sell their pictures but this is on some other level. Read the comments on all other US websites- they all dont know who she is and think she is publicity hungry or looking to make money of a wedding or they are just plain tired of seeing this sponsered wedding splashed everywhere with a million merchandisers - lipstick, makeup, vodka etc- attached to it. I always thought PC is super talented, a class apart from the nepo kids here, and is disappointing to see her image like this

Americans also know her as a mistress of a married Bollywood superstar with three kids. Makes her not even more popular in the States!

its her pr firm in the US who got her introduced here and is planning all these strategies. Hope they work out inthe long run. iam done with all the coverage as well. Buthopefully its a genuine relationship with a bit of selling to help their careers

Haters are burning with jealousy. She is the first Indian woman to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Be proud of her. Hating her will achieve nothing nor will it deter her from continuing to break every barrier. PV please post

The first Indian woman on the cover of Vogue (US) since the magazine started in 1892! Congratulations Priyanka. Yet another milestone you have achieved.

Anybody still thinking about srk and her needs to get some perspective. We firstly don’t know if that’s true.. yes the way he resists commenting from the way he flirted during the don saga kind of confirms they did have something. Before anybody jumps about it that she was truely wrong, yes I do too. But we don’t know their inside math. May be srk promised her a marriage saying things not working with Gauri as there was a time he was so distant with Gauri. So Priyanka
May have believed that he will lose Gauri. I have seen lot of husbands do that in my workplace too who are dopes. And women being in love tend to believe that for their own validation. And then SRK due to his personal pressure may not have kept up to his word. Like in one Salmans show recently he says Gauri has forgiven me for all my wrong doings or something on that line. Yes Priyanka at the age like 27/28 that time & being smart should have first asked him to separate if there really was an issue with his marriage rather than involving and goin with the flow at some point he will. Agree which is cheating from both ends. I totally feel bad for Gauri and yes to a certain extent to PC cuz she believed a douche’ (very unethical) but more cruel on srks part to cheat his wife,
Kids and then the other woman.. I don’t know how many of you have seen Sanjeev Kumar’s old movie ( pati Patni aur woh where he keeps dating other girls saying his wife is mad, ofcourse that’s a movie and funny made) but it reminded me and thought I wil share. So moral of the story any man says they not happy with wife or hitting on u, the first thing is stay away or ask him to legally come out of it & you will get your answer than involving yourself and down the lane hurting yourself and a lot of people involved. Lot of guys divorced who we thot were in a good relation like Hrithik, Farhan or Arjun..It’s easy say no. Becus usually men will go to their wives and won’t want to lose face with so much @ stake. But apart, now all’s well that ends well . Hope all parties have moved on and are happy in their spaces. Sorry for the long post. And just makes me believe all the more that whatever a woman does or achieves or accomplish it’s a mans world so we just need to be careful and thinking practically ( yeh I am a 28 year old woman :))

So true.

Spot on! Kudos to you.

A bit shady. One has to wonder how she is this big when she has no acclaimed body of work in the US.

Damn.she is so inspiring in many ways.Love you PC and stay this way.More power to boss lady.

I just want to say that Priyanka has the Best Body in the Industry..Just OOMPH!!!

Kim Kardashian or Priyanka Chopra. Both same league, both on Vogue, where's the difference?

Wow. Just Wow

I agree this is huge but I don't understand how someone who claims to keep their private life private is milking this marriage to this extent. Before we say she is a public person, so is Julia Roberts who is a way bigger star and yet did not sell her wedding to people. I respect Priyanka's accomplishments but I think her marriage is overdone. She is not a A list Hollywood celeb and neither is Nick Jonas. The fact that her wedding pics were bought by People is super shady to me!

Priyanka has been wooed by hollywood to help india develop an interest in American movies entertainment and brands

Okay, I am not Priyanka’s fan. This is what happened People magazine, Vogue, Hello Magazine all wanted to pay for exclusive videos and pictures for their wedding and offered them money. People Magazine was the highest bidder.

Then Tiffany and Co provided their cafe and goodies for Priyanka Bridal Shower for free because Nick Jones is a famous person in the USA and he bought Million dollar worth of Jewelrey from Tiffany and Co. and Nick brothers and parents also bought from Tiffany and Co will be buying more in the future. So Tiffany and Co is nice to them because Jonas are their high-end clients. Jonas can close the Tiffany and co store for other customers when they shop and it is worth it for Tiffany and Co because they will spend Loads of money on a high end Jewelry.

Ralph Lauren designs their outfits in 2016 for Gala that's when Nick and Priyanka met. When they decided to get married Ralph Lauren came forward did Priyanka wedding dress, 12 Bridesmaid dresses, and Bridegroom and Bridegroom best men outfits for free-Because Ralph Lauren are getting free advertising and marketing on an International Platform.

Besides that, some soft drink company and another company came forward and offered them free stuff.

Nick and Priyanka did not ask for these things. these companies offered them for free. Reason they do that companies also make money because of them. Companies are getting their free advertising on a National TV & International TV and computer. Now Nick and Priyanka created lot of interest because Priyanka is from India and Nick is White so lot of curiosity is there. I do not know what Julia Roberts did.

But when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had twins and got married they received money by certain company for their exclusive pictures. They decided to donate to charity. Each individual is different and has different emotions. May be Nick wanted to prove to Priyanka's mom look we will take care of all the wedding expenses with the money which we are getting. That is their accomplishment. Today Priyanka is being criticized but after few years she will be most talked about for milestones she has achieved. Priyanka is not doing any shady business she can not fool all these big companies.

God has shown her how to become a successful businesswoman and she had high end people Modi and Ambani’s at her wedding and she attended Megan Markle wedding so wait and watch for Priyanka to make more successful things happen. Girl has something.

Yes, Priyanka is very smart she knows how to seize the opportunity. Priyanka will use her logo NP for her businesses. Priyanka will also make something happened with other high profile & successful people. Go Priyanka Strike it when it is hot.

I think the point the commenter above was trying to make was Priyanka is famous in the US for a) being Indian b) being in a tv show, not a huge show like GoT but Quantico and c) getting married. Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie are Oscar winners Brad Pitt has produced Oscar winning films and is known for charity work. PC has diluted her brand with this wedding nonsense she is on her way to being desi kardashian.

True and Well Explained.

Beautifully written. Agree with what all you wrote :)

Shows you have no clue how it works in the States! First inform yourself, than post! No offense.

The is a huge difference, keeping private while dating around, and being public about your husband. Deepika and Ranveer wouldn't accept that they were dating for 6 years, it took them being married to be finally public about their relationship. Same for Sonam and her husband. The only one that seems to be public about her relationships no matter what is Kareena Kapoor but the rest is the same thing.

Makeup is good, for sure. Thanks for not showing off the teeth and gums.

Srk must have died laughing over the cut article :D

Has he rested in peace now?

Hahaha more likely resting in pieces!

she looks so beautiful.

Thats y haters burn bcz she is the only one who earn this as an Indian. Proud of her

LOL, she paid for all theses Forbe and Vogue covers, just as Kanye West had paid for Kim's cover..,, she definitely is a global con artist!! This whole wedding was money making venture from sponsorship and using that money to buy her covers for continuous cheap publicity. she had no career in Hollywood yet she managed to be on every talk show...this woman is so desperate, fake and manipulative!!

Okay, she knows than how to play her cards right.

Okay if you are right how come other actresses from India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka and other countries are not able to do that. Please explain.

Why don’t you pay for your cover then?

She’s looking stunning!

that's huge!

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