Suhana Khan makes a SPECTACULAR debut as Vogue India’s cover star for August

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is the cover star of Vogue magazine’s August Issue. Suhana looks sensational in an Emilio Pucci multi-colored outfit on the cover.
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Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is the cover star of Vogue magazine’s August Issue. Suhana looks sensational in an Emilio Pucci multi-colored outfit on the cover. Soft curls and dewy make-up complete her look. Suhana makes a confident debut on the magazine’s cover.

Suhana has been styled by editor of the magazine, Anaita Shroff Adajania. In the behind the scenes video shared by Vogue, Suhana Khan looks glamourous in stylish outfits. Suhana dons an over-sized dress, a silver sequined outfit and a gorgeous orange dress.

In the interview, Suhana will talk about her acting aspirations, her family and her love for theatre. Suhana Khan will also talk about similarities with superstar father Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan had said in an interview that daughter Suhana Khan aspires to be an actor. But, had said that she will complete her education first before entering the industry.

Check out the cover here:

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Gauri Khan had revealed earlier this year at Hello! Hall of Fame Awards where she was honored for her Interior Designing work, that daughter Suhana Khan will be shooting for a magazine cover. She had said that she is extremely excited as Suhana Khan will grace the cover of a magazine. Gauri Khan had gushed that it is the most exciting thing she is looking forward to this year.

Janhvi Kapoor also made her debut as the cover star for Vogue earlier this year, before the release of her debut film, Dhadak.

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I love her. She is already better than alia. Sara

Hey maybe she can play the roles of heroine’s side friend or hero’s sister??

Perfect face for a horror film!

Srk ki pr has started posting favorable comments lol

I think Vogue India is not like Vogue US or Uk where to appear on the cover is a big achievement. It seems you can buy anything in this Industry from awards to magazine covers.

Next in line is Taimur.

Kim Kardashian wanted to feature on Vogue for years and finally when she bagged the cover, she was ecstatic. She was a well established celeb and a business woman yet Anna Wintour took her time to feature her. The elite crowd considered this as cheap of Vogue to feature her. Here we have a young girl who has not achieved anything professionally so far. I don't care how Suhana looks but let her achieve something professionally first.

NEPOTISM a time at worst! What has this young girl done to deserve behind on the cover of such an illustrious magazine????? Have Indian people gone mad? She is not a professional model nor an a tree or an athlete. Why? Why? Why?
Because she was born rich.

I'm very curious to know why everyone is so strongly against nepotism NOW.
Aamir Khan, Kajol, Salman Khan, Saif ali Khan, Akshay Khanna, Sanjay Dutt, Karishma Kapoor, Kareena and all the Kapoor family are products of nepotism. Why has no one been boycotting them? It's quite the opposite, people are massive fans of them.

Because they are all talented..it was different back then. These kids are only glamourous roles

Plz explain her talent..

So done with bollywood now. Will avoid going for any mainstream movies if these kids are the actresses. What next? Salman or Akshay in a movie with Suhana or Ananaya or Janhavi or Khushi. LOL. This industry is a joke. Bye bollywood.

I love her....I see her so closely similar to SRK

On the cover of British Vogue this month: Rihanna

On the cover of India Vogue this month: Suhana


#SuhanaKhan look so natural and Beautiful

#SuhanaKhan look so natural and Beautiful ...

Reminds me of Kishan Kumar ... the not so good looking brother of Gulshan Kumar , who became a hero

After best hair makeup and clothes ... she looks below avg

seriously ??? din't knew one could buy a cover ?

Both parents are to be blamed for this. Not this kid's fault.

A Vogue magazine cover is one of the things money can currently buy!

Seriously I thought Vogue was a fashion magazine!!!

The kid had not even signed a movie , she's not a model , she's not a spectacular looker (harsh as it sounds), she's not anything as yet given her age. Daddy called in a favor ,eh Vogue?

Taimur Ali Khan will be featured next

Hideous outfit.

Hope the Condé Group doesn’t ignore this and kick out the Priya Tanna fron the Vogue India editor position. She is drowning their established name.

This is really the height of nepotism. What has she done to deserve a Vogue cover? The blatant entitlement of it all is so off putting. And it also tells us how easy it can be to get a vogue cover (that mere mortals can only dream of,) if your father can afford it. Very, very, very disappointing.

If Vogue India is so obsessed with star kids then they should feature someone like Alia,Varun,RK etc.Atleast they have achieved something.What has Suhana achieved?

WOW! Vogue's standard has gone down. What happened to hiring some good models? Wherever you turn around all you see is these STAR KIDS!

She still looks like a tvwali extra in her designer cloths.

Buy me a cover daddy.
Parents - Here you go.
Bad parenting thats what I see.

Suhana is looking gorgeous... Her styling is on spot.. Way better than her usual style..............

Suhana is looking gorgeous... Her styling is on spot.. Way better than her usual style..............

What did she achieve to get on the cover ? I dont have problem with starkids being on cover. I taught you need to achieve something in your life to be on cover of Vogue. In west it means a lot to be on the cover of Vogue. In India its just like any other magazine. We have so many successful Singers, TV Actors and Models who can be on the cover of Vogue fro there achievements. Still they go ahead and put underachieving brats. #ugly #losser

SRK we adore you!! But why ..................?? This is ridiculous!! Why only the suhana's, Jhanvi's, Sara's are the privileged ones to appear on cover magazines without achieving anything. Cheap! To add to the list is Mira Rajput, why does she crave for attention and doing ads and al? Grow up Bollywood, there are far far more talented figures outside who will give you a run for your money.

Vogue india Instagram has blocked comments on all Suhana related posts because of comments exactly like here. Yes, lets show them that this is not acceptable. You cannot have nepo kids one after the other unless Karan Johar is buying 100% of your copies.

Rinku Rajguru of Sairat is of course talented, already became popular and is way BETTER looking than Suhana Khan (that is if looks are everything) to feature here. But yeah, never mind. Suhana is not even Youtube worthy, let alone TV and modelling.

Man she looks exactly like srk and still sister

At this rate, Aaradhya Bachchan will have her own cover at 10 years, given the amount of enormous experience her mom would hv given her in posing by then!!!

Lol even junior AB had to struggle to get his first movie role took him 2yrs literally begging ppl and his father was a big star wow srk has strong power to get Vogue and his daughter hasn't even done anything

Why do they even bother to act in movies anymore? They only care about being famous anyway, none of them cares about art or learning how to act (hello, Sonam!). Just put them on magazine covers and declare them superstars and leave the movies to the real acrors.

Vogue is the mother of nepotism and favouritism. Atleast in India. They only put their favourites or star kids. Sorry but it sucks.

Seriously! There are over a billion people in India. Give someone worthy a chance.

Shahrukh I love you but why?

She has achieved nothing to be on this cover.She is just so desperate to become a star.

or they should come up with something called vogue-kids and introduce all these Nepo brigade there! I'm sure only these kids will purchase those magazines!!! But we will atleast be saved of torture!

Vogue India ki koi izzatt nahin rahi ab!! Call it Nepo India!!

she is so hideous looking! she seriously would have to go to korea to get there face structure altering surgery to look anywhere close to good.

Sorry ... this is not 'spectacular'! Suhana Khan neither looks above average, nor has any acting or modeling credentials. She just want to ride on her parents' celebrity status to have an easy career flow in the glamour world.

Ludicrous and laughable,

smh. there are like 3 ppl in bollywood who have made it despite being outsiders. what a sad state of affairs.

What is her qualification to feature on the cover? Din't do anything to deserve it?

Rohit Bal was correct , yes

Nepotism zindabad

I believe there is nepotism in all walks of life and you tend to go into your family's business...BUT this is ridiculous, aside from being his kid what

Nepotism at its peak!

What did she do to merit a magazine cover?
Terribly unfair.
The magazine's editor needs to be questioned.

So I looked up the video...ah never mind...they will continue to shove her down our throats.


Money can buy anything sad.

Seriously ? she is such a disappointment.

Take a bow Aamir Khan!

Hello Nepotism!

The worst cover, she has no clue what she is doing, no expressions nothing.

all the srk fans who cry about nepotism on everyone else's posts. can't wait to see their 180 degree turn here lol!

I love SRK but I will not support this!! SRK is a selfmade man. Why is he using his contacts get his kid a Vogue cover even before her debut. So disappointed! Let her debut first before buying Vogue covers for her.

This is so terrible, why is she on the cover? what is her credit? girl is only 18, so sad that these big models do not get anything even after hard work and these nepo kids get everything on the platter.

I wouldn't even mind if the face were lovely to look at, I wouldn't mind

My goodness, she got SRK's voice as well and not only his face!

My goodness, she got SRK's voice as well and not only his face!

My respect for Aamir Khan’s kids is growing

Junaid Khan got to be AD for Raju Hirani's PK. Please go on about how Aamir doesn't use his position to further his kid's career.

That is probably the only job of being an AD Aamir got his son !

Yes but atleast Aamir doesn't shove his kids down our throats like SRK.

What happened to SRK’s big talk that his kids will finish proper education? Suhana hardly goes to school.

what’s the rush? she needs a few more years

Better yet never

This is best look of her , so far!

What a joke and I was shocked when I heard her voice in the video, complete goofiness!

NEPOTISM at its finest!!! She hasn't earned the cover. I can't believe Anaita is literally putting all the Nepo kids on the cover. Vogue India has no class. Anna Wintour would die in shame.

I agree. Vogue is respected international brand but India edition is making it laughing stock. Just stop. Vogue you are in danger zone. U know it.

Why did I read that as 'Salman Khan makes sensational debut'? Lmao! Got so confused for a minute !!

What actually, is her achievement in life???

That's why SRK never said anything about the nepotism debate even though he is an outsider himself. He's now doing the same thing as all the other nepotism apologists.

Can't help it, it's that "Daddy's girl" thing. Just look at Anil and Sonam vs Harsh, or Amitabh and Shweta vs Abhi, who is coddled, even as full grown women. Guaranteed the boys Aryan and Abram will have it harder and have to do more themselves.

nepotism rocks

Biggest example of nepotism

Her parents are buying her covers already

All the bashers.. Ready Set Go..

Oh dear. Not a fan. She's a cute girl but sorry not for Vogue. She going to have a thick skin cause a lot of people will not like it but be gentle in your comments. I think overtime her poses will come. Hope PV will publish my comment.

Give me a chance na please... overtime even I will learn to pose. Please na please na!

All I see is Shahrukh Khan. Oops!!!

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