How Suzanne changed Sonali's home: the ladies cover Architectural Digest

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Interior designer and popular star-wife Suzanne Roshan features along with Sonali Bendre on Architectural Digest's November cover. To know how Suzanne gave Sonali's home a new look, grab a copy of the magazine.

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Unlike the rest of the star wives , Susanne had gone abroad & studied Interior Decoration when she was very young . I remember some magazine featuring her own bedroom , which was done up in a sort of Pre-Renaissance decor & her explaining the look in detail . This was in the mid 90's before Hrithik happened & she was introduced as Sanjay Khan's daughter. After marriage ,she did Akshay Kumar , Rani , Shilpa & a whole of of other people's homes . Her career may have taken a back seat with the kids & Hrithik's own career .

Don't know if this is sussanne's or sonali's office

Positive- Curtains and Tufted wall

Like the column

It is easy to get a degree on interior designing and be an interior designer but @Morisim said talented designers who are very focused about designing, have a passion for it, love being creative and choose it as their profession can make amazing designs and can do it in any budget. I think Art & Design is a subject that is often underestimated because it is easy to pass but trust me it is VERY VERY hard to reach the supremely passionate and talented ones.

P.S - Good for Suzanne if she is trying to do something.

Sooo condescending! Suzzane is not trying shes an established designer whos been working even before marriage. Her mum is a succesful dsigner too. They have wealthy clients who like luxury reflected in their decor.
So dont see why she should do low budget interiors. I am an architect and my style is more contemporary but i can apprecia
te her style shes not bad.

Chill - it was a reply to someone who said that interior designers cannot do low budget interiors.

No one said that did they? Of course designers can work at low budgets.

why are they standing apart awkwardly?? Suzanne looks photo shopped into the picture as an afterthought... should be an interesting read though.

Why are people trashing Sussanne for what she is doing . Like someone said at least she is doing something ISO shopping and gossiping. She did Houses for Shilpa, Preity and now Sonali. We all might not like her designs but if the clients are happy that's what matters. It's better than simply living on her husbands money

Dear Sussy please stay with your husband, don't be threatened by his on-screen heroines you are his #1 heroine and the mother of his kids.

WTH, as if you know better than Suzanne about how her husband is treating her.

Dear wuss, am sure she appreciates ur advice.

Sonali is looking smashing! Lady long legs. Love the high waisted jeans. Glad Suzanne is focusing on her work. It's better than sitting at home and moping/gossiping etc. She has a professional life where she is using her interest and talents. Why put her down? Hope she starts appearing with Hrithik soon. I hope they never go apart because they are the so right with each other.

I'm sorry but I am not impressed! I am an Interior Designer and I can design on any budget because I make my own decor, and now starting my own furniture line. Talented designers are born with the eye for design.

Her style very eclectic and more upmarket. I love the 2 chairs. I think shes good at her job. Seen some designers who think no end of themseves even when they are really bad. Let us be the judge of ur work, dont blow ur own trumpet.

finally Sussanne comes out of her hiding!

Funny how all the rich socialites think being rich also makes them talented fashion designers, jewellery designers and interior decorators. Meanwhile, people who are actually talented struggle to be noticed.

Sonali is Beautiful

Puuh.. I didn't like the design very much...

First she needs to design Sonali s jeans she is wearing.Too high waisted:)

high wasted jeans as u call them are so in!!! she looks pretty
well fashion aint for everyone !!

Star wife ko shopping k bad bhi itna bach jata k pati k mehnat ki kamae ki faltu tarikay se urain .....expensive saman bhar k koi designer nhi bantaaaa......bore life ko exciting krna hy tu do charity madam....!!!help someone to built home ,help someone to get education this is what i feel desiging

interior designing is instincs. its not really a career unless you went to school for it.

why do these star wives always get into designing? whether interior designing, clothing designing or jewelry designing? is it a very easy course to do or something?

Sussanne is a trained interior designer and has been in this line for the past 7 years. She is also successfully running her store 'The Charcoal Project' and an online venture 'The homelabel'. Plz don't include her in the category of just another house wife.

i know she is "trained" - what i am saying is that it seems to be a very easy course to train. cause it's not like these people don't have the money to go to college and do actual degrees like, MBA, medicine, law. research etc. everyone from susan, her sister farah, anil kapoors wife, akshay kumar's wife, i think even sanjay kapoor's wife and some others...are all into designing. so that's what i mean, they just do some course, and take hubby's $$$ to use as capital for opening stores

Some people want to be doctors, some astronauts, some musicians, some designers. And thank God for that. Imagine if everyone wanted to be the same thing.
Suzannes mum is a famous designer, so her kids inherited her creative genes or at least got interest in design from an ezrly age. Farah khan, whos studied jewellery design is a topper at her uni and suzanne was already established as an interior designer when hrithik fell in love with her. So rest assured it wasnt her hubbys money.
In the creative arts u can have trained people or just amateurs, self taught ...nothing is right or wrong as long as u r good at ur job.
For eg Maheep kapoor has good taste, maybe her jewellery is good but Raveena Tandon, not so sure....

it's easy to be a "designer" with an unlimited budget...
i'd like to see these so-called self-taught interior designers makeover an ordinary middle-class home with an ordinary middle-class budget.... that would take real talent.

Well said..!!!

why do these star wives always get into designing? whether interior designing, clothing designing or jewelry designing? is it a very easy course to do or something?

suzanne ...ur a lady of substance...y r u so quiet..when hrithik is flutter around with kids in all theme parks with ur sis and brother kids...speak out girl

by making other interior designers work n then claiming it to be her,,

I don't think Sussane is much of a designer with her heavy curtains, vases and expensive rugs. Phew!



Why is Sonali looking like a giant in comparison with Sussanne?? LMAO!!

U might want to look up 'depth of field'

Suzanne is standing further, That's why. SMH

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