Video: Deepika Padukone shoots with Elle India

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Deepika Padukone's cover shoot with Elle India. Behind the scenes video


I thought she looked good in the pics..but she looks soo much prettier in the video

i like all her covers but not this.
I think the choice of her dredd is not good!
Anyways she have a great face like always

she is extremely photogenic and sooooooooooo beautiful

Gorgeous girl!

Oh my god, I love her. She's so beautiful, and cute all at the same time. *__*

Such a beautiful and elegant lady. She is too gorgeous.

Only one who doesn't need any photoshop!! Beauty from head to toe!!

Drop dead gorgeous my top fave style diva! Like Anushka also

wow shes so gorgeous it stuns me every time

She really is glowing inside out, isn't she?

the camera loves her, she is so pretty

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