MAGIC MV: Tomorrow x Together believes in the 'magic' of love & life in an energetic new Sci Fi themed track

Tomorrow x Together have dropped the MV for their first-ever English track, Magic! Watch the video below.
Tomorrow x Together poses for Magic Tomorrow x Together poses for Magic (Pic credit - HYBE)
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Yesterday, Tomorrow x Together debuted their first-ever English single, Magic on the famous US morning talk show Good Morning America. Magic is one of the most prominent b-side tracks from their new studio album "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE". The track is dedicated to ‘you’ whose magic thaws the ice that held me. The stage performance was enough to cast a magic spell upon us and we couldn't wait to watch the official music video of the song and well it is finally here!

As we saw in the teaser, the music video opens with a cool shot of a spaceship in outer space! A robotised voice declares, "Tomorrow x Together, we have breaking news that they are being threatened by our existing humanity." We see the members and their robot counterparts sitting across each other. Magic is an effervescent disco-pop song with upbeat lyrics that match its cheerful sound. It is a far cry from their emotional pop-rock title track “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat Seori". The vocals are top-notch, especially Yeonjun and Taehyun's verses shine through. The last few minutes is the highlight reel of the music video, the visuals, presentation and chorus is absolute magic and so catchy, that you cannot help but groove to the track!

You can watch the magical music video below:

HYBE seems to be nailing the 'disco-pop' genre, giving us smash-hits like Dynamite and Magic, both uber cool summer bops with great music, choreography, vocals and presentation! Tomorrow x Together They will be showcasing Magic on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” next week on June 15, 1:37 PM KST (10:07 AM IST). That's not all, after these, there are some surprises scheduled for MOAs such as a TikTok event, a ZEPETO Magic Booth and a Dance Practice video. Magical time ahead indeed!

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