MAGNETIC: GOT7's Jackson and Rain jam together in this groovy R&B track

Magnetic is part of Rain's brand new mini-album, PIECES By RAIN.
MAGNETIC: GOT7's Jackson and Rain jam together in this groovy R&B track
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It is 'Raining' comebacks, literally! It is only the third month of the year and we are getting amazing comebacks. Previously songstress IU confirmed her comeback and now another talented soloist, Rain has dropped his brand-new mini-album, PIECES By RAIN. The five-track project also features collaborations with GOT7’s Jackson Wang (Magnetic) and his upcoming boyband Ciipher (Come Over), as well as his duet with JY Park (Switch To Me).

Magnetic marks the first collaboration between GOT7's Jackson Wang and Rain. Magnetic is a groovy, R&B track that equates attraction and desire with a magnet, and how this makes one feel loved, desired and irresistible. The lyrics are in English and Korean, with rhythmic beats and a pulsating vibe to the R&B track. Rain had first teased the collaboration on his Instagram weeks ahead of the release, with a minute snippet of the song. The previous evening, Jackson Wang, too shared a poster for the song and hinted at a possible MV too. 

PIECES By RAIN is also Rain’s first solo release in four years since his 2017 mini-album titled, My Life. Jackson Wang, who recently joined Rain's label Sublime Artist Agency, currently juggles between his solo career commitments and group collaborations with GOT7 members. He carries his international work commitments through self-agency Team Wang and his Korean promotions, via Rain's agency.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

The song is actually really good, and their voices fit perfectly. Can't wait to see the MV