Make a buttered sandwich & we will predict which BTS member's teaser will be unveiled next

Which BTS member will next feature in Butter's concept photos? Make your prediction now. Take the quiz.
BTS members at Billboard Music Awards 2019 BTS members at Billboard Music Awards 2019 (Pic Credit - Getty Images).
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It may be a difficult time for everyone out there, but thank God, at least this planet has BTS! The superstar septet will be returning in May to enthral ARMY with not one but two surprises. The first one is that of their exciting collaboration with McDonald's! Early in April, McDonald's announced the launch of 'BTS Meal' in May and June. BTS Meal includes a scrumptious order of 10 piece chicken McNuggets, medium french fries and coke along with a sweet chilli and cajun dipping sauce specially developed by the McDonald's Korean franchise. BTS Meal will be available throughout India in June. 

The second exciting news is their long-awaited comeback! On April 26, BTS announced the release of their second-English single, Butter! Butter is said to be a dance-pop track much like its predecessor, Dynamite. Yesterday, BTS released the first concept teaser videos for Butter with RM and Jungkook, and as expected of BTS, it was unpredictable. The video teaser theme was more disco-esque with dim purple-blue coloured lights. The concept teaser videos took everyone by surprise and left ARMY wondering how Butter will turn out to be!

Which BTS member you think will be unveiled next? Who do you place your bets on? Well, all you have to do is make your ideal buttered sandwich and we will reveal which BTS member will be unveiled next! Sounds easy? Take this quiz now!

Take the quiz below:

Which member did you get? Share your answers with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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