Malaysian rapper Namewee's latest music video faces backlash from BLINKs for objectification of BLACKPINK

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Malaysian Rapper Namewee, whose original name is Wee Meng Chee, has come under severe attack for sexualizing women. Released on May 28, the artist’s rap, which has a mix of Mandarin, English, and Malay, contains a line that sexualizes BLACKPINK.

The music video was in collaboration with me88, an online casino platform, and featured the rapper himself attempting to impress two women by “flexing who his father is”. The purpose of the video was allegedly a parody to portray how some rich men in Malaysia behave.

There is a line in the song, written in Mandarin, that states, “Always look at BLACKPINK and m********e”. The below-the-belt lyrics have infuriated K-pop fans in general and BLINKs in particular for the inappropriate comment. The translation is currently visually censored in the music video. However, the line still remains in Mandarin in the video as well as the audio.

On the other hand, the rapper went on to claim that fans misunderstood the meaning of the song. He asserted that international fans don’t even understand what the song aims to convey. He went on to thank the fandom for increasing the view count.

Not only the fandom but other people are also abhorred by this behavior. They have been demanding an apology on SNS. However, no response has been received so far. Even Malaysians called out the rapper for his blatantly sexist lyrics on top of overtly sexualizing women.

The 38-year old is no stranger to controversies. He hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons way back in 2007 following the release of a parody of Malaysia's national anthem titled Negaraku. Since then, he has rubbed both politicians and the government the wrong way on several occasions. His movie “BABI” had a report lodged against it by the Malaysian Artiste’s Association (Seniman) for alleged elements of racism.

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