MAMAMOO’s comeback announcement, ENHYPEN new MV teaser, BTS on BBC & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS

MAMAMOO members dressed in all white in their upcoming comeback album WAW's teaser trailer A still from MAMAMOO's upcoming comeback album, WAW.
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If Sunday had you relaxing and only staring at the BTS concept photos or reeling over Baeksang Arts Awards winners or bingeing on IU’s content, it’s okay. Your daily up-to-date news in bite-sized format is here! Take a look below and know the key stories that happened today in the Korean entertainment industry!


NCT DREAM sells more than 1 million copies of comeback album ‘Hot Sauce’


Third sub-unit, NCT DREAM’s first full album ‘Hot Sauce’ has crossed 1 million sales, before the week has even ended! Based on reports from Hanteo Chart, which shows real-time sales count, this was achieved very quickly. Precise numbers will become available once the one-week mark has officially been crossed. ‘Hot Sauce’ features 10 brilliant tracks, and has surpassed personal records as it accumulated over 1.7 million pre-orders, a massive increase over their last album ‘Reload’.



Individual rankings of Girl Group members announced for May 2021


The Korean Business Research Institute conducts analysis of a spectrum of data and releases rankings for individual members of Girl Groups. Based on concrete data study, Brave Girls’ Yujeong has retained her top spot on the list for this month as well. Fellow member Yuna reached second place, with BLACKPINK’S Jennie, Oh My Girl’s Arin, and ITZY’s Yuna completing the top 5 of the list. While competition was difficult, ITZY and Brave Girls seem to have particularly strong numbers, placing 4 and 3 members respectively, in the top 10 rankings of May. Here are the top 10: 


Brave Girls’ Yujeong

Brave Girls’ Yuna


Oh My Girl’s Arin

ITZY’s Yuna

Brave Girls’ Minyoung

ITZY’s Yeji

ITZY’s Lia

ITZY’s Ryujin


ENHYPEN surprises fans by announcing new MV for ‘FEVER’; releases a teaser


Fresh from the release of their mini-album ‘BORDER: CARNIVAL’, ENHYPEN has unveiled a teaser clip for the B-side track FEVER. The track is part of the latest album, and the teaser for MV 'FEVER’ features the members in all-white wardrobe, lounging in an almost-empty pool. With dim lights, and portrait shots, it feels like the MV is going to be a hot, dark, and intense track. It is scheduled to release on May 20 at 12 AM KST.



MAMAMOO announces comeback venture, slated to premiere in June


MAMAMOO had recently announced a new project ‘WAW’, and have now released a trailer for the same! The trailer starts off with the members spending time with each other, being happy together. Soon, the focus shifts to individual members, where they are alone, and look quite sad. For now, it seems like the project is going to be about friendships, loss and growth, as the teaser ends with a super ‘Where Are We’. While the release date is set for sometime in June, additional details are not yet known.



BTS to appear on BBC talk show ‘The One Show’


Ready for another western talk show with BTS? BBC’s ‘The One Show’ announced today that the global septet will be appearing on their show sometime soon. ‘The One Show' is a British chat show and TV magazine which features studio guests occasionally. They tweeted the announcement by asking if fans have any “burning question” for the boys and they might get a chance to be featured on the show. While no additional information has been revealed, we still can’t wait for the show! Check out the tweet below: 



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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Ellos son bts

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Ellos son bts

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Ellos son bts

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

omg mamamoo

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Update: 2nd June Mamamoo's Where Are We (WAW) is going to get released.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Yes Mamamoo!!!!!!

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

The queens are coming