MAMAMOO’s Solar, BTS’ V, A.C.E’s Jun & more: 6 KPop idols who look the prettiest when barefaced!

These celebrities don’t just look good with make-up, they look gorgeous without make-up too! Read on to know who made into our list.
MAMAMOO’s Solar, BTS’ V, A.C.E’s Jun & more: 6 KPop idols who look the prettiest when barefaced!
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Aesthetics. It is a pretty simple word, but an impactful one. Beauty has always been a quality that we assume only the top tier people in our society possess. With all the global stars being possibly the most gorgeous people in the world, it looks like there may not be space for someone else. 


Having said that, I agree that the fact that K-Pop idols are the crème de la crème of the most gorgeous faces on the planet, it majorly is because of the make-up and extensive care they take in maintaining their natural beauty. But here, we are bringing to you a list of people that are just as stunning bare-faced, as they are with make-up. After you’re through with this, we dare you not to fall in love even more. 


BTS’s Taehyung


This list would’ve been grossly wrong if we didn’t start with Taehyung right off the bat. Unanimously proclaimed as the prettiest face in BTS, he still reigns the roost, even without make-up. With all the proof from BTS’ media ventures such as Bon Voyage, Run BTS and BTS in the Soop, even hating naysayers can’t refute this; Taehyung is stunning. Still in his mid-20’s, we are eagerly waiting to see how he glows up in the future!


BTOB’s Yook Sungjae


A worthy addition to the list, Sungjae has seen a massive rise in fan following over the years. And it’s not solely because of his massive talent and endeavours in the music scene. With strikingly handsome features, he has captured the heart of his fans. Captured out and about in the world without make-up, he has not only managed to keep his audiences’ love afloat but rocketed up in standings! With Sungjae getting discharged from military service in November 2021, we can only anticipate all the changes this period has brought in him!


A.C.E’s Jun


With cryptic announcements for future collaborations, A.C.E is making a comeback in the music scene. On the other hand, Jun is certainly building up hype with his extremely appealing features. Supremely confident in his own skin, Jun doesn’t shy away from a bare face. Having uploaded many selfies on his social media accounts, plus hosting many live interactions with his fans, he is one to watch out for. We can only hope that these moments into his life keep on coming!




Gorgeous, sassy and prepared for almost anything, Solar is an amazing addition to this list. With her social media accounts having garnered millions of followers, she is practically lounging on a pedestal right now. With casual interactions and looking absolutely beautiful even without make-up, she has certainly put the haters in their places. After seeing all these pictures, we’re not the only ones catching feelings! This is what a star looks like. 


TWICE’s Nayeon


Crushing improbable odds with ease, Nayeon is one of the most beautiful members of the hit group, ‘Twice’. With the group already being among the most gorgeous faces of the K-Pop industry, the fact that Nayeon is the best there, is no easy feat. With an impeccable face, which definitely needs no make-up, she has kept her fans enthralled for a long time. With so many selfies showing a ‘no make-up’ or woke-up-like-this look, it goes to show that her beauty is clearly natural, and with just the right make-up, she transcends almost everyone.


Lee Ji Eun aka IU


Somehow the only solo artist to make this list, but not lagging back even a bit, is the golden-voiced superstar IU. With several tracks and her latest album Lilac going nuclear on music charts, IU is right up there with the music, and obviously, the Beauty Gods. IU is one of the prettiest artists to ever grace the fame halls of the K-Pop industry. It’s quite transparent how she has such diehard fans, with her music, and her looks combined - this was eventually bound to happen. If that’s one of her barefaced looks, Michelangelo needs to come back from the dead and make a sculpture of her, because beauty like that far surpasses anything else.


So K-Pop fans, next time someone says ‘Oh, it’s because they have thick make-up on’, feel free to share this article with them! 


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Which other celebrities look gorgeous barefaced, according to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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