MAMAMOO talks about debut anniversary, working on ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’ and more

Published on Sep 16, 2021 01:42 PM IST  |  104.3K
MAMAMOO's concept image : Courtesy of RBW Entertainment
MAMAMOO's concept image : Courtesy of RBW Entertainment

MAMAMOO released their second compilation album ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’ on September 15, 6 PM KST and took fans on a nostalgic walk through the group’s seven years in the industry. The album consists of a total of 23 tracks, inclusive of new remixes of their previously released super-hits, hidden tracks and a captivating new song ‘mumumumuch’. 

Solar talked about the new album by saying, “We worked really hard for all the past seven years. It feels like I have created many good memories with my fellow members who worked hard by my side and our fans ‘MooMoo’ so I feel really thankful.” Wheein revealed how proud she felt while working on the album and recalled MAMAMOO’s journey. 

Hwasa talked about the process of preparing for the album and said, “Like always, we did our best without any regrets. Although most songs have already been released, we had the mindset that we were recording them for the first time. While we were recording, I did a lot of parts again because my tone has changed a lot since our debut. When I was monitoring the recordings, I thought that I had matured a lot.”

When asked about the members’ most recommended song from the album, Moonbyul chose the remix of ‘Paint Me’ while Solar chose the new track ‘mumumumuch’. 

Hwasa added that the album is like an early Christmas gift to both the fans as well as the members, as it out really well.

Moonbyul concluded by thanking fans for staying together with MAMAMOO and watching them grow with affection.

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